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UNBELIEVEABLE 1st Time on my New Bass BOAT Swimbait FISHING

The 1st time on my new Nitro Z20 bass boat was unbelievable. I got to go to Lake Lanier, Hammond’s Fishing Center – one of my favorite tackle shops, and catch fish on a Keitech and fishing a finesse worm.

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Check out Tim and Hammond’s Fishing Center

Jig for fishing Keitech Swimbait

Keitech Swimbait

Lowrance HDS Pro

My spinning setup – Daiwa Exceler

Ned rig setup – Halo KS II 6 10 M

Power Ned Worm

My swimbait bag from Bass Mafia
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  1. Hey Mike good video bud. Hey Mike that is hilarious when BOGS gives you high five. He is a cool dog . Thanks for all the great content . GOD bless you and your family and my buddy bogs.

  2. Mikey have you ever done a video fishing some old school soft plastic jerk baits like the SluGo? Or some of Lunker City's swim baits? I know they make a giant sized SluGo for monster bass. Would be a cool video.

  3. Hey Mike since we're talking about baits your going to get a kick out of this. Mike the bait company xzone makes a tube bait color it's called BOGS Mike when I saw that today I thought that was awesome nameing a bait about my favorite u tube dog . God bless bud. Ps love all the great content. And Mike the weather Man gets paid to LIE.

  4. I wish I would've known you were on the water on the lake ,iwas on 3 of the past 5 days and just got home from today which is sat the 20th. Really would like to say hey and meet the Bogster. Love dogs have 5 myself

  5. Nice first run. Bogs looked like he had fun. Mikey you should have tried throwing some hair jigs. The spots and smallies would crush them this time of year.

  6. I cant believe you went to Hammonds without me. Next time you think about it look at the Spot Chocker swim head. Awesome to use with the paddle tail swim baits.

  7. Great way to break in the new boat. I have a feeling Spacebalzz will be putting in the hours on the water. And like I tell anyone who's never caught a spot – think of them as sort of a southern smallie but with a twang to 'em.

  8. Thats why i live and hate those little ball head jigs. Can pair it up with anything but they seem easy to throw if your gead isnt on point , which mine never is.

  9. Awesome to see you stopping by my local fav โ€˜candyโ€™ store too!!! Mikey, dude you ainโ€™t lying about the wind and weatherman!! This spring has been the worst windy spring Iโ€™ve seen in yrs. Yeah yeah, I know wind helps certain bites/baits, but itโ€™s been ridiculous especially on days I go out hoping to bed sight fish. Terrific vid!

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