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Chatterbaits for Bass Fishing ~ Our Favorite Bladed Jigs for Largemouth Bass!

Bladed Jigs otherwise known as Chatterbaits are a great way to catch bass all season long. There is a lot of styles of chatterbaits on the market and sometimes it can get confusing which ones are the best for a certain situation. Some chatterbaits don’t come through grass as good as others and some get hung up in wood more than others so it is a process of trial and error! We break down a few chatterbaits that we have found success with in the video and encourage you to give this bladed jigs a try this coming season!

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Who is SmallmouthCrush?

Travis Manson was born and raised where the giant Smallmouth Bass of the north live…WISCONSIN. He started fishing from the bank at a young age and spent most of his childhood with a rod in his hand. Travis is primarily a self-taught angler that is always learning and experiencing this amazing sport of fishing. He started out fishing for walleyes and fishing in local walleye tournaments, but then in his mid 20’s, he caught the BASS BUG and has been hooked every since. He competed at the highest level in bass fishing on the Bassmaster Elite Series for a number of years. He is a fishing guide offering trips on the Chesapeake Bay for largemouth bass(year round), guided trips for smallmouth back in Wisconsin (during select times) and trophy smallmouth bass guided trips in Upstate New York (May-November) His Youtube Channel is named after his passion for the smallmouth bass and will be used as a platform for “how-to” videos, on the water instruction, crazy on and off the water topics and vlogs on the day in the life of a fishing addict! Hope you enjoy!

Chatterbaits for Bass Fishing ~ Our Favorite Bladed Jigs for Largemouth Bass!


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  1. Love seeing all the cool baits Eric has. Was able to figure out the JDM chatterbait before he spilled the beans by the head shape. Love the channel and all the content. Favorite fishing channel on YouTube! Eric is a great guest.

  2. Wow… Mr Manson seems a little Annoyed with “ Elusive bait Eric” … there’s no secrets at “Team Bro- Heem”
    Travis was like, sit down and behave yourself eager Eric.
    You guys rock! I love when Eric gets all excited, just all jacked over the bait names that have to be changed to protect the innocent..”must hide the juice”, must hide the juice””
    Thanks for keeping it real, or Reel. One of my favorite channels .. great content, common sense perspectives on all aspects of this great sport. Travis gives us a open book look at the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly..
    Let’s be honest .. as crazy in love we are with this great sport of tournament Bass fishing … there is a black hole aspect of Time, Money, and effort that can suck at your soul. But it all seams worth the craziness, when, with a clean and jerk grunt, you hoist your proud bag of white belly’s on the scale, and revel in the fact that your healthy bag puts a sag in the scale table….
    only to find out, that the 7lb4oz Large was beat out for Lunker by some angler who came in the last flight and was throwing a frog all day in 11 inches of water.
    Keep the Dream Alive !!!!

  3. If you switch the limiter on for your microphones or use auto gain control the distorted screaming wont blow our ears out when your buddy yells. Just trying to help you up your production value some.

  4. As always great video! Love throwing a chatterbait! Can’t get enough info on them, for sure will be trying the double skirt! Looking forward to the next video!

  5. Strike king rage blade is great around wood and cover cause if the weight on the front of the blade it almost never hangs up…love that thang

  6. I like the Picasso chatter bait both silicon and hair tie. I like the zman seedless chatterbait for cover. The jig style weed guard helps a lot from snagging. The Mega Strike swinging hook chatter bait is great too. A fluke is by far the trailer I have had most success with.

  7. Great video guys. Thanks for sharing. Chatterbaits are definitely an area that missing the boat on. Don't pay no mind to the pissy people upset cause you dont want exactly what your throwing where and when. Half the fun of fishing is figuring that stuff out on your own. You explained all the keys points of what can change the action of a bait and how to throw it when other people are not

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