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Summer Fishing In Florida For Big Bass!

Summer Bass Fishing in south Florida is so unpredictable! Ended up catching some big peacock bass and beat the rain just in time! Hope you all enjoyed this video. Dont forget to SUBSCRIBE! and check out the links BELOW!

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  1. Hi man, really entertaining videos, looks like fishing paradise where you are, just a question, what camera are you using there?
    Thanks again, here from “sunny” Scotland

  2. Man you were getting on them Largies , Man those Peacocks love thatSwimbait awesome catches . wish they lived near me but gets to cold . Great day out fishing . You landed a bunch of Bass . Good video

  3. If you come north to chattanooga, I'll take you to some of the best trout fishing waters in the country. I'm not kidding either. I'll take you all week. Fly fishing and maybe some spin fishing if you want.

  4. Nice Try Buddy But I Get In To Century Village So That Spot Is Azz To Me The Canal Part is Where It’s At That Canal Connects To My Neighborhood

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