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MASSIVE Swimbait gets CRUSHED by Big Fall Bass!!!

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  1. Look at how far we’ve come! Throwing big swim baits and catching hogs like it’s nothing. Also going pro! Just goes to show that if you work hard, you can achieve your dreams

  2. Sounds like you was in Missouri with them weather changes! Awesome video I’m taking the slow sinking trace down to the pond in the morning hoping to catch my first swim bait fish

  3. Hey man can you do a video of benefits of braid with swimbaits I use mono and I hate the stretch it has just want to hear why braid instead of the usual don’t use it crap

  4. First time seeing one of your videos! Enjoyed it, Please make more videos on Fishing with Big Swimbaits! I am going to try Big Swimbait Fishing this Fall! Thanks!

  5. I exclusively fish big swimbaits using other stuff as a follow-up on non commits. So much more fun. Heck it's just fun seeing all the followers that I never knew were there before fishing big swimbaits.

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