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You’ll NEVER Rig a Texas Rig the Same After Watching This!

You’ll never rig a texas rig the same after watching this! Texas rig bass fishing is probably one of the easiest and most used ways to catch bass but learning how to rig a texas rig properly will ensure you can catch more fish! I will go over how to fish a texas rig in a future video as this one is going to be the basis on how to rig a texas rig so you have a good foundation for the future video coming up!

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  1. I'm completely new to this stuff, when i want to change soft platics do you prefer to keep the same hook and change a sinko to a craw or do you prefer to keep the same hook for each soft plastic and change everything out?

  2. I fish Lake George NY a few times a year in a kayak. I’ve caught my biggest bass there but not a lot of catches. I like going into the north west bay thought the swamp looks like bass heaven but never had much luck nor in the bay itself. Do you have any tips or locations you have fished. I was told to head up to mossy point and will try it this week. I like your videos very informative.


  3. Use a Gamakatsu skip gap hook instead of a regular wide gap for worms and especially flukes and you'll never go back! Best hook I have ever used hands down!

  4. I'm not a huge fan of the straight shank hooks myself (round bend or otherwise) but many excellent anglers have great success with them. Brian Latimer comes to mind. He seems to use them exclusively. I prefer EWG hooks for Texas rigging.

    Weight size for me is usually determined more by water type than by cover. If it's a fast current river I'm fishing, I can't use light weights because the current won't allow the worm to sink. On a pond or slow moving river, I'll use a lighter weight, just because I don't need the heavy weight any more, and you get a slower action that the fish seem to prefer more.

  5. It was an interesting video. However, you mentioned nothing in regards to picking colors of plastics and how to rig it on a hook (your methods).

    I fish North Georgia and I mostly fish ponds and lakes.

  6. Texas rigged caffeine shad no peg 3/16 oz to 1/4 oz is an absolute killer the slip weight controls the dart of the fluke/trick worm action of the caffeine shad! The dart draws them to it and they’ll either hit on the fall of the dart or after it sits on the bottom for 3-4 seconds! Great video! New sub!

  7. How about zman pro crawz since the pinchers float what size weight do you think is better for the Texas rig. I use a 1/4oz it's working for me right now, just want to learn more

  8. I'll have to disagree with the hook comment a round bend hook is a good worm hook how do you think they caught so many big bass before you were born that's Right on a 2/0 round bend hook with a 7" culprit 🪱

  9. I've never used those hooks. I like to buy a pack I can throw a robot worm or a fat creature bait. Ewg or Flippin hooks work best for me. And that depends on cover snfmd how the fish are biting g.

  10. I'm confused as to how I could ever catch bass 30-40 years ago when a casting reel retrieved that lure at some unknown speed? I didn't have a clue what "gear ratio" was and still bass actually bit my lures on occasion.

  11. Been fishing Texas rig before it was called Texas rig about 50 years I never fish with bigger than 3/0 don't care for wide gap how's and I've caught shit loads

  12. I have used Texas rigged since I was 12 and I’m 40 now. I like worm hooks a ton and EWG. I don’t feel like like one is better than the other. My best advice to newer Texas rig guys is throw it often and try to keep your weight as light as possible. I rarely ever go about 1/4 ounce bow except for deep weeds in the summer I’ll use 3/8-1/2 ounce.

  13. I don't get it! Go up or down in line weight. Obviously you guys do not reline your reels every time you decide to go 'up' or 'down'. So that must mean you have a few rods already spooled with different weight lines. How do you keep track of these? And how can you afford it?

  14. I never use an EWG hook. The eye is in line with the barb and causes missed fish. I only use a straight worm hook for that reason. I use anything from a 1/8 oz to a 1/2 oz weight depending on the circumstance.

  15. I prefer if I’m bottom hoppin 8 gear ratio..because only real when I’m doing slack or getting fish out cover..7.6ft around cover …7ft on rocks and rocks..I like a stiffer tip Med heavy to heavy..gimme G hooks gamas but not knocking 6th sense I like there straight shanks on creature baits

  16. All good information. Just remember not to discount old school methods. Fishing in the 70s we had short pistol grip rods, round ambassadors and stren mono, but still caught well. I love the new tech, but hard to beat a Manns purple jelly worm back in the day.

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