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Wrong LOCATION? Or Wrong LURE? (One of the BIGGEST Bass Fishing Questions)

A question that all anglers ask themselves at times is “Are there fish here? Or am I using the wrong lure?” Today I try to break that down!

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Bass fishing can seem very complex at times with so many different lures and areas that bass can be in, as well as the fact that everyone does it a little bit differently.

When it comes to deciding which lure to throw or whether their is bass in an area, today I try to break that down!

BassFishingHQ is dedicated to teaching people how to catch more and bigger bass. I will go over different bass fishing tips & techniques that will put more fish in the boat or on the shore. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned tournament angler, my goal is to help you catch more bass.

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  1. I tried your technique 1 cast with fast retrieve covering a massive amount of water. I switched baits if no strikes after 10 to 15 minutes. I made sure I covored a lot of water. Sadly after using 1 cast per spot switching baits every 10 to 15 minutes with no bites covering a lot of water. After doing all this an no reaction after all the baits an massive amount of water covored I'm going to try to slow down to a moderate retrieve

  2. Been fishing the same spot for the first time ever for 3 days straight, there’s literally fish jumping 3ft infront of me but won’t take my lure or the bait I leave with a bobber, what the hell am I doing wrong, I tried worm lures, shad, night crawlers, crawfish, nothing. No bites, but I see them jumping out of the water, oh and power bait for my floating bait I leave

  3. Location is priority one. If the target species are deep and I am a bank fisherman, then I am already in a more challenging location. So I have to learn how to get deep from shore. That may mean getting on social media and finding a co-angler boat spot on someone's boat OR renting a boat. Then we start with search baits. Like Tyler said, "experimentation". If you get a weak bite or a reaction, try the same color but maybe a smaller presentation. It is really good to have a fishing buddy at this point because they can co-combine their tackle selection to make this part of the process easier. Good vid, Tyler!!

  4. Also why do you not see old colors and worm types that used to murder bass on such as electric grape, electric grape/fire tail (red tail), black/fire tail, motor oil, motor oil red flake, plum (clear red with blue glitter,) red shad, grape shad, gray shad, blue blood( a light clear blue with red core with black glitter or salt and pepper glitter, salt and pepper, smoke, smoke blue glitter, smoke with salt and pepper glitter, smoke purple glitter, and I like 3 color jigs also such as black/blue/purple, or black with blue and purple tips and brown green orange, Stanley used to make them.
    And I also miss the “living rubber skirts” spinnerbaits and buzzbaits. I also don’t see as many chartruce orange and white, black white, black yellow, chartruce blue white, chartruce blue spinnerbait skirts. They were some fish catchers. I also miss the strike king 1/4 oz spinnerbaits with the “Tennessee Diamond blades.”

  5. When do I use a Carolina rig va Texas rig or drop shot and use a 1.0” worm vs 7 1/2” worm or 4” worm and when I use a Carolina rig how do I know when to use a short(1’ or so) leader or a longer 3’ leader or a 6’ leader and how do I know when to use a worm vs lizard vs crawfish vs creature bait on any or each of these rigs. Also straight tail (jelly worm, senko, etc.) worms vs curly tail (culprit, zoom, renegade, etc.) worm.

  6. Seems like you are talking about what I call Switchitis With all the different baits, tips, and videos that are available, sometimes it's easy to second guess yourself and just keep changing baits. I agree it's best to have a plan and stick to it. I've had switchitis myself and I've fished with guys that have it. They spend so much time changing that their line is out of the water a lot. You lose confidence to quickly. I usually have 3 rods with me and I plan 1 bait for each with a couple back ups. I don't worry too much about color as I've not seen it make that much difference. So I think your tips are right on.

  7. Awesome video my videos are starting to get better and I know how much work it takes too make a good quality fishing video like this it ain’t easy and you deserve a pat a n the back!

  8. Words of wisdom I'll remember: If you're fishing the wrong lure in the right area you'll come away with fish (at least bites). If you're fishing the right lure in the wrong location, it's going to be a long day.

  9. Keep up these great informative videos. Bass fishermen like myself are very thankful and taking notes. Just wanted that said so you know when you are questioning yourself about content in your videos. We are paying attention and getting better. Thank you.

  10. Thanks for the instruction. I fish out of a Yak and try to choose colors before I head out on the water. Once out there it is a bit challenging to change. Not that I can't, its just a pain. Can't wait for spring to get back out there.

  11. Fishing the right area? The question reminded me of early bass tournaments in the 1960s, on competition day the competitors were loaded on a plane and flown to an undisclosed location for the tournament. That puts those finding the right area skills to the ultimate test.

  12. Can you make a video about search baits / pilot baits for each season and pattern please? I think that's the part I am stuck when I am fishing. I usually go for blade baits in Winter and spinnerbaits for all other seasons but.. I know I should use my jerkbaits and chatterbaits at some point… I am just confused…

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