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INSANE Underwater Footage! Ice Fishing NORTHERN PIKE with 5 of DIAMONDS!

So many pike today! Even a sweet double. Enjoy!

Filmed with Aqua Vu HD7i Pro

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My Ice Gear:
Aqua Vu HD7i Pro:
Recording Device:
Aqua Vu Revolution 5.0 Pro:
Aqua Vu Tri Pod:
24v Auger:
Helix 5:
Rod Case:
Otter Hub:​​​​​​​
Freefall Ghost Reel:
Shimano Sedona Reel:
Fishouflage Gear:​​​​

What I Film with:
Chest Mount:​​​​​​​
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#icefishing #northernpike #aquavu


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  1. Hi, you might wanna use steel onderline. Aside from loosing lures it's very difficult for a fish to survive/eat with a lure hooked onto his mouth. Regards

  2. The video is awesome for educational purpose’s and technical aspects. But I do feel using it to assist in catching and hooking the fish ruins the entire aspect of being an instinctual fishing. The video is great but I’d like to see the videos of the action area without you using the camera to assist you. Like I feel you’d get better action of different presentations ect and baits if you filmed what you were having to do to bring them in without using your screen

  3. Bad knot! Too bad. I am knot dyslexic so I might know the results from having a hook or fish fall off. LOL. I love your videos and camera work. Thank you for sharing.

  4. FYI It is easier to catch a fish if all your attention is on your fishing pole, and senses. Ignore the camera, and pay attention to fishing. It should be illegal to video survey a lake while fishing.

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