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My Backyard Pond Bass Grew BIGGER Than I Thought Possible! (EPIC Topwater Blowups)

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Today we hit up my backyard pond for some EPIC topwater blowups that Coleslaw captured in slo mo AND with the drone from above! These bass are bigger than I ever dreamed!!

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  1. To address the most common request on all my backyard pond videos…..I won't be connecting the 2 ponds. Not only would I like to purposely keep different fish species in each water body, but the dirtier pond sits a few feet lower than the clean pond. So "connecting" them would nearly drain the clean pond, as well as flood the dirty pond…unless I built a higher bank levee around the entire dirty pond first…which would take a lot from the naturalism of its appearance/ecosystem.

  2. milliken fishing I hope you see this an reply. Me an my buddy stocked his 3 acre pond with 2000 mix brim yesterday an 6000 tuffy minnows. About 90 days from now we are gonna put bass in it I am just curious how did you go about stocking your pond that pond you have only looks be about acre an half at most an how long did it take for your bass to grow that size?

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