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Unbelievable Big Fish….INSANE Weights in Jon Boat Tournament Kick Off || Spring Bass Fishing

It’s that time of year for the Fountainhead Bass Club to start and the Occoquan Reservoir has been on absolute fire. The first tournament of the year was in early March – but finally getting around to posting. There is always a massive bag or 2 caught during the first few events, and it’s good to start off on the right foot! Thank you guys for watching, make sure you hit that subscribe button and we’re off to the next one.


I’m fishing out of the @TRICKEDTINS King Neptune again this year thanks to my buddy Matt. For any jon boat needs whether that’s a full build, hatches, any sort of aluminum work at all make sure to reach out to Matt Downs. He’s been posting a ton of videos on his most recent builds so if you’re looking into building a boat his channel is where you need to be!

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  1. I finally threw the Scrounger that I bought years ago because of you and realized I haven't seen a video from you in forever. So here I am!

  2. Damn that was pretty sick. Ngl I thought y'all was gonna take it for a second. Great job, maybe not financially 😂 but, when you and your brother get together y'all crank em.

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