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Why I Quit Filming w/ AYO Fishing & Fishing with Norm

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  1. I feel like it's better for AYO and Norm that you parted ways. The numbers don't lie… they are absolutely killing it right now if you haven't noticed.

  2. I'm glad for you. I'm also glad for Norm and AYO. Because googan sucks. I don't get why you get to film with yak pak. And he gets to film with Norm and AYO.

    I don't get why you used to buy shitty baits and shitty rods and reels.

    What happened?

    Is it because googan doesn't make a shitty reel?

  3. Ayo and the itty Bitty brought me to all of yall and the energy was quality. it sucks the business stuff kinda gets between ppl but i hope yall get things situated. Think yall just need to hit the water and see who catches the Fattest Sally and loser buys dinner and squash the whole thing

  4. If I understand you right, you had given the other guys plenty of reason to think that your decision was made to stay with Googan. So you were essentially saying that you weren't really interested in making a decision together with them. You went solo and left the rest of the team to make a team decision. That's on you, man! It's your right to do that, but you should own it and not act like they cut you out of the decision if your mind was aready made up to stay.

  5. Friendship is worth more then any position. I respect everyones point of view in this but filming or no filming those are the boys. I hope it works out off screen.

  6. My condolences for the loss of your father, I lost mine 3 years ago to pancreatic cancer and it still isn't easy to get over. As someone who just started watching you, Ayo and Norm's content the videos with all three of you has been my favorite, I get the same feeling watching you three together that I do when I have a group outing with my friends. I wish you guys could talk it out and hopefully be friends again, even if it has nothing to do with content creation. Good friends are really hard to come by.

  7. This is 100% some mental emotional issues man. That’s not right. You knew they both weren’t gonna stay, and you TOLD THEM “I like the brand guys let’s stick it out”, so WHY would they come back to you AGAIN asking you to leave? They talked to you about it, told you they weren’t going to stay, and you tried to convince them to stay and you’re mad at them that your convincing didn’t work? It’s their livelihood. Nobody wants to work with a brand that’s falling apart internally as it is. And they had already made up their minds and told you and you didn’t read it as such. You read it as they werent deadest on leaving hand you could convince them, when they were deadset already. So you went against them. You broke the trust, you were the bad friend. They did nothing to you, besides the boats in your pond thing, but speaking on the googan matter they did nothing to you. You literally started off the video saying “it’s not really related to googan” then explained that it was 100% ALL about googan. You literally ditched your best friends for a brand that was falling apart. I don’t even have to talk bad about you on this matter. You’ll recognize one day how pathetic you were and how bad you messed up, losing two great friends you could have for life, over a brand, over money. You chose to be lonely and have googan. You CHOOSE that. No one else. In the end you’ll realize and regret will sink in. It’s a shame I can see your mind working to slowly and mentally cluttered to even realize that right now. One day regret will hit you like a freight train when your brain finally catches up with reality.

  8. So it’s kinda mostly miscommunication and heightened emotions.
    Are you saying you would have left Googan as well if they both talked to you about it first? Or hoping they both would see it your way?

    Because you’ve contradicted yourself on the main topic, just asking for clarification but it might be too long gone for that. 😅

  9. If the decision was supposed to be a “group decision” why would you choose to stay with googan before seeing what Ayo and norms decision was? Did you just stay and expect them to follow you or something or did you tell them what your plan was and actually communicated with them.

  10. This is the WORST excuse ever!!! This is YouTube…you could upload a video of farts and it's there. You "Claim" to be friends with them. But then blame it on them leaving googan…which isn't that great to begin with. This was 100% a personal choice to be butthurt that they didn't want to be a part of googan.

  11. I mean I get that you said you were going to make that decision together. But you said yourself that you decided to stay with Googan and needed to wrangle the other two guys into staying. So maybe it was just that. They might have seen the writing on the wall that you needed some consistency with what what’s going on with your family and your dad, and staying with Googan made sense for you but not them. That makes sense to me. But then not telling you doesn’t make sense. That’s just my understanding of what you had said.

  12. To summarize?: Ayo felt there were better opportunities for him (and there probably are, based on the analytics).

    You considered leaving Googan, but its the bulk of your income since your channel has plateaued (once again.. analytics).

    And Norm is Norm. He looks like a 6'3 middle schooler and talks really fast. Probably doesn't like having to pronounce Googan baits at 300 words per second.

  13. Time always gives you the ability to understand both sides, I think it will all work out in the long run. Both sides are right and both sides are wrong, do what ya gotta do for a living but work to keep your friendships regardless.

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