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This Fish Finder HACK Can Make or Break Your Success Offshore | Bass Fishing Electronics

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Fish Finders Used in Video:

Forward Facing Sonar
– Garmin GPSMAP 1022XSV
– Garmin Livescope LVS32 Transducer

Down/Side Imaging:
– Garmin GPSMAP 8610XSV
– Garmin GT56UHD Transducer

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  1. Good to see you on the water Johnny. Unbelievable how much knowledge you have and as always I learned a lot. Keep those videos coming and I’ll be watching.

  2. I just moved to Conway recently and stumbled across some of your old videos. Very cool to see you fishing some of the same structure that I had found on my own already but haven't had success quite yet.

  3. Right now this is an area many would like to learn more about. Anytime someone can post a strategy that leverages technology sets people apart on YouTube. We can only watch so many videos about how to tie a knot and rig a wacky worm. Good stuff.

  4. I have a lower end lowerance hook 2 triple shot. I struggled to get a decent side imaging picture down imaging is horrible a few pointers on a lower end unit would be awesome

  5. Jonny, I again listened to the series of 4 Rick Clunn interview video playlist. Please consider adding the 5th one, "Rick Clunn's secret to catching big bass consistently" to the playlist. I never realized there was a fifth one into until i happened upon it a week ago. Rick was also an inspiration to me way back and I enjoy listening to his insight.
    Really glad to see your back puting out some awesome content as usual., Guy

  6. Ole Johnny, what have you got yourself into lol! Been awhile, but great to see how you’ve grown! I’m still working on that lake you did a breakdown for me a few years back. You got so busy that the last email never made it to me with the areas we discussed sadly. 😞

  7. Great learning video. I always struggled with knowing what hard spots on the outside edge of the grass were and how the fish related to them. This explained it beautifully with some awesome SI video to go with it. Your channel and website are the best on the net.

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