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Top 4 July Bass Baits! Catch More Fish in the Heat of Summer!

On this weeks Ike in the Shop Mike reveals his top four bass baits for the month of July. Whether you’re up north or down south, these lures will help you catch more fish in the hot summer months. From the versatile drop shot to the deadly Ned rig, learn how to target bass in deeper waters and mimic their favorite prey. Discover the secrets of swimbaits and flutter spoons that entice even the wariest of bass. Don’t miss out on these essential tips to improve your summer fishing game!

Ikes Gear Used:

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Abu Garcia Revo SX SP Spinning Reel :

Abu Garcia Revo SX LP Casting Reels:

Abu Garcia Veritas PLX LTD Casting Rods:

Berkley Trilene Fluorocarbon:

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  1. Mike i know this was done awhile ago but have you thought of doing a Livestream once in awhile? You should be able to activate donations to your channel and you could hse that to add to the funding of your amazing program. You can ask for questions to be sent in a month ahead of time, then answer some of them, but maybe take half the questions from your live audience. Love your show and even my wife enjoys listening to your story!!

  2. Been wanting to try the drop shot presentation. I use weedless hooks for wacky style with the wire that loops and hooks into the point of the hook. Would this hook work well to nose hook a worm for a drop shot?

  3. Okay gonna lay it out there for those that aren’t up on game yet….

    A Keitech, Berkley Power Swimmer, whatever your favorite swimbait is on a VMC weighted willow swimbait hook or Trokar swim blade slow rolled along the bottom = 🔥🔥🔥

  4. I fish heavy cover, 1-3 ft of water. Duckweed, lilly pads and down trees. I catch more bass than anyone I know. Even guys who fish tournaments hahaha. No cheating electronics. I don't need them.

  5. I don't use jighead that much when I fish from the riverbank. What would be the safest jighead size for river current. Slow to medium current depending on the tide going out or in from the Bay of Fundy to Fredericton of the Saint John River.

  6. Ned Kehde designed the ned rig to swim just off the bottom i dont understand why no one fishes it that way.slow dragging it is a light finess texas rig.

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