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I Average 30-50 Bass A Day Fishing Jerkbaits In July Doing This

Randy talks about his favorite jerk bait, color and technique for summer fishing…#fishingdaily #bassmaster #angler #fish #fishinglife #bass #catchandrelease #bassfishing #fishingtrip#fishing

Lake map breakdowns…

Baitwrx jerkbait link..,

Solar bat Blaukat sunglasses…

Blaukat old school jig..


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  1. Thanks for the tips and tricks Randy! I’ve been catching bass on jerk baits doing what you are talking about. I’ve been fishing a suspending jerk bait this summer in hot conditions. The fish are taking the bait on the pause.

  2. I always used jerkbaits when I was more of an avid Bass fishermen and I always out fished my buddies using soft plastics 2 to 1 3 to 1 or even more. Just getting back into bass fishing so Thanks for the video!

  3. Randy this video right here was advertised on my Google feed!!!! Dude that’s incredible I wish you all the success. Proud of your accomplishments and love how you share your knowledge.

  4. My father is 83. I have every issue of bassmaster magazine from feb 1970 he owned. The problem is we have been lied to for ever. Tight wiggle in winter, jerk baits only in cold water. Almost all of the articles in these magazines are not true. Only when fishing went live did we get to see the truth.

  5. When I fish a area that I know holds fish and I can't catch anything I try a different bait until something works my last 3 outings same place n spots one day tiny torpedo couldn't keep them off next time a general worm and last week a bass assassin each time it's all they wanted. I try everything until something works and go with it.

  6. Hi Randy. Just a heads up. The audio on your last 3 or so videos when you are outside in your new yard has been marginal at best. It has been very hard to understand you at times.

  7. You know what I'd like to see in the tournaments Just One X go back old school without all the brand new electronics that just have flashes and see what happens

  8. I fish just about every week year-round. I always catch fish but I've never caught more than a dozen in any 8-hour day. 30 to 50 fish seems outrageous to me.

  9. Randy, what in the world is going on with your audio? Whoever is editing it, sounds like they were trying various audio filters. Man oh man, a tough listen.

  10. Hay Randy, I really enjoy your videos and the one I watched the other day when you mentioned Doug Hannah. I bet a lot of your viewers haven’t heard of Homer Circle. I have a autograph copy of his book Bass wisdom. He’s another old bass angler. Another talking point for you!

  11. 45 years ago I won my first club tournament about this time of year on an AC Shiner Jerkbait. When I fished the 2005 Classic in Pittsburgh in the summer KVD won it with a Jerkbait. Good pro tip!

  12. I’ve found that it becomes a lot less effective when the fish first pull out to their summer haunts, but like a lot of other things, it starts to become more effective again pretty soon after they arrive. May and June I don’t do as well, but by July it can be dynamite again

  13. I’ve smoked em in the current moving water , or an over flowing dam in the summertime , it works so good in moving flowing water , that PRO that was fishing an overflowing dam on a keitech fat impact with a line through presentation , that won the BASS tournament , I bet he could have caught em on a jerkbait too , i remember watching it on TV and the water was gushing over the dam and it brought back memories for me when I caught em in a spot like that but here

  14. If I could choose one lure to fish 12 months out of the year, it’d probably be a jerkbait. As always, thanks for the tips Randy

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