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I WISH I knew This about FLIPPING when I started BASS Fishing! (Everything you NEED to Know)

Flipping and pitching for heavy cover bass is my jam in summer. These techniques catch big fish and are a lot of fun! In this video we go through everything you need to know to catch bass flipping heavy cover – from flipping rod and reel setups, how to rig up a punching rig, as well as what soft plastic lures to flip with.

Boxer Craw lure

Tungsten weights for punching

Flipping rod setup 7 6 H

Hack Attack Flipping Hook

Stinger Creature lure

Samurai Braid

Good flourocarbon fishing line

All around flipping hook

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  1. I can tell you that those boxer craws are legit! Thanks for turning me on to those, Mikey! Excellent not only as a punching bait but also as a jig trailer when I'm flipping thick hydrilla.

  2. Im here in midwest and there is no waters around me that have weeds at all. I wish I could do some punching it looks like so much fun once you get to set the hook. That one on one combat in the thick grass.

  3. Bass fishing is a science! Soooo much info about bass fishin can be overwhelming to some people…but that's what makes the sport of bass fishing so freakin awesome! Constantly learning. Ya NEVER STOP Striving to become better bass anglers…NEVER stop fishin, and NEVER stop catchin fish! Time on the WATER is the BEST TEACHER. ⚑️⚑️⚑️

  4. I live up north so I never really flip like this. I always pick up a jig or something. Been flipping some lighter texas rigs around in some of the more grassy lakes around me. Will keep this video in mind

  5. My biggest challenge I have in Florida is finding a hydrilla mat that has the canopy. Too often I find the mats I am on are matted on the surface all the way to the lake bottom. I saw JT say that it was a challenge for him as well when fishing new areas.

    Any tricks in identifying a mat by appearance?

  6. What up space Balzz crew! Man I wish we had some of that nasty eww wee here on my lake! Thanks for the tips, if I ever get one outa the funk I’m going to name it Balzz πŸ˜‚πŸŽ£

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