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Tim’s Most Painful Big Bass FAIL | Brutal Story!

Tim was set to have the best day ever! He was getting giant bites, it was his 30th birthday, and all his friends had come to weigh-in to watch him win… that’s when it all started going sideways.

The Infamous Lures…
10XD Crankbait:
7″ MS Slammer Wakebait:

The Infamous Gear…
Rod- Dobyns 806H:
Reel- Calcutta 400B:
Line- 80 lb Power Pro:

Best Replacement Split Rings:
Best Replacement Treble Hooks:

Only on Clearlake do you weigh in 3rd big fish of a tournament with a 7 lber and feel like a complete failure! Tim had a truly epic day but it could have been so much better!

Losing a double digit hurts, it hurts BAD. Losing a 10 lber in a tournament is so much worse! We share these stories because you guys ask for them but it wouldn’t hurt our feelings if you started asking for stories about fish that went right. Ha!

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  1. newbie angler here. Been going hard for about 4 months. about 1.5 months ago on a road trip my gf and I stopped in the Sam Huston forest tx for a couple hours fishing and rest. I decided I would go for some bluegill since I really dont know what I am doing or how to fish a new lake. My go to method at this point for gils was a 30$ tenkara set-up and a small bead head nymph fly. after struggling to catching a couple of the smallest bluegill ever I decided I would go even smaller. I put a size 18 nymph on. I tossed my line along a weed edge and was slowly pulling it along less than a foot under the surface. Then WAMB! a massive bluegill smacked it from under the weeds missing and going back under. I immediately tossed back in right along the same place. He smacked it again and this time was hooked! I had to smash my 10ft tenkara rod above my head just to keep him from going into the weeds. At this point I could see he was really big and my heart was pounding and I believe I started to shout expletives much to the surprise of a couple fisherman. . . I was able to wrestle him to the edge of the dock, pulling him 2 feet out of the water before I could grab him. I had him on deck. I landed him. The tragedy was I didnt get a picture, a measurement or a weight but this fish was probably 11"x11" and at least 1.25 lb probably over 1.5 lb with a massive bull forehead. Not having a picture, not really knowing what I had caught, and not knowing actually how big has been killing me ever since. That said I will probably never forget and pray I catch another like it someday.

  2. I keep my drag about 3/4 locked when it comes to trebles…. Gives me enough power to set the hook without drag slip (at least for the 6 lbs. And under) but is loose enough to give out line for those last 15 yards of a possible freak out. Its hard to judge a fish, if you can keep the head straight you can crank as hard as possible on a fish but when you enter the 8lb range there is no way to counter the power of the fish, if it wants to shake it will shake. You can play it light and maybe get it or it'll spit it, or you can play it heavy and it will spit it. Every fish has a balance, if they all had the same anglers would boat a lot more bigguns. Just posting this to make everyone feel better and know that it wasnt your fault the fish spit it, things happen. Little decisions add up to different outcomes in life. No matter what, they will happen sooner or later

  3. Tim and Matt. I live in Southeast Iowa and am just getting into the big swimbait game. Could you give me some ideas or links to what swimbaits I should throw in this area? Looking to get the Dobyns Fury 795 SB rod and order a couple Matt Lures bluegill swimbaits. We mostly have bluegill crappie and gizzard shad here! Thanks in advance!

  4. I have a question for you guys. I am up in Illinois and I was wondering if a 10" swimbait is overkill and if so what size would you recommend for me to fish for strictly giants?

  5. Can you guys please recommend a knot for heavy hooksets. Been experimenting with different knots for jigs. Always throw braid to a fluoro leader. Breaking off constantly. Super annoying. Please help!

  6. Not sure if I like the lost fish stories but we all have em and hearing other fishermens agony somehow relieves mine. Maybe a little more when it's great fishermen like yourselves. Thanks for the free therapy lol

  7. Me an my dad were fishing at a stocked private pond with huge florida bass here in texas there had been 15lb+ caught out of it and there was a lot of them. We got out on the water both throwing the S-waver just covering water and i brought mine write on top of the water and the same you said it looked like someone did a cannon ball and i set and get write to cranking my dad also hooks to a big one so it thought how am i going to get this fish in i saw its mouth and could easily fit my head in it she gets to the boat I'm shaking about to through and i reach down to get her she head shakes and sticks the treble right in my thumb and swims away. she was easily 13+ . My dads was a 7

  8. What do you think of the Dobyn's Fury rod for a budget Frogging and other grassy things? I would get the 7'3" Heavy & Fast Tip. I would think I'm gonna pair it with a Lew's Mach II or Mach Crush. This sound good? Or the LunkersTV Defender Rod?

  9. Your guys stories… both should write a book together..Id read it..Ive also learned so much from you guys..that slammer is a deadly bait it seems like and a must any beat up ones I can have?? Haha..great video Tim as always..can picture ur guys stories like movies in my head

  10. Don't fell too bad I watched my dad think a 7.5-8lbs bass was a limb cause it didnt fight, till it saw us on the boat, then I shook and was gone.

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