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This Is Why You Throw BIG BAITS In the River! (150lb MONSTER!!!)

An incredible fish is worth doing a whole lot for and I wasn’t about to let this fish be the one that got away!

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  1. Any fisherman seeing this spot you just can't resist stopping to fish it ! Looks so beautiful there and that fish was an absolute monster this was clearly a one in a lifetime catch

  2. E muito grande Muito nindo Deus te abençoe você de assistir seu trabalha pescari amei muito nindo joaquimmaia287 seu trabalho de pescar e muito bom voaes

  3. I just caught my first gar thanks to you!! I had a bluegill head out and kept missing a fish. I got it close enough to see that it was a big gar. I thought back to you, let some flack out, set my drag, clicked the release and waited. It made several little movements but finally it started running. I clicked over and landed the fish!! I ain't ever purposely caught a gar before. That was fantastic!! Thank you!!

  4. In most of the places you fish you should invest in a pair of rubber boots. I hunt with them and they make mud and water way easier to maneuver in.

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