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Castaic Lagoon Kayak Bass Fishing! Offshore toad Patrol! May 2023

Joined up with my buddy Ron to get on some bass at Castaic Lagoon.

I found the offshore game right now to be pretty litty. I know they are supposed to be spawning, but i think some that are willing to bite are still staged just a bit out past the shoreline.

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  1. Back in the 80's there was a run of a couple of years when Southern and Central Cali was producing the biggest largemouth in the world and the record was being challenged almost every weekend. The record was broken during this time by a couple of pounds, however because of a few issues the fish was disqualified. I think the main issue was it was snagged on it's belly and the two scales it was weighed on were not certified. In terms of the Castaic Lagoon, I remember the Lagoon was overall producing larger bass than the main lake and at that time period I caught my PB from the main lake on my first cast…

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