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Snakehead & Bass Fishing w/Frogs!

~Really fun day fishing for the invasive snakehead! A few decent bass in the mix. I have a lot of respect for snakehead as a game fish. Lots of studies have shown that they are not as detrimental to the bass population as people once thought. Fun fish to catch and I encourage you to try and fish for them, its a blast! Good eating fish as well (I’ve eaten before). Thanks for watching!


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  1. Ha, Snakeheads! Creepy little bastards. They freak me out, ngl, but I'm looking forward to the day I get one. I'm glad they're not as detrimental to bass population as people thought. I was wondering about that.

  2. Sweet video Alex. I've never caught a snakehead. Do you use a wire leader, looks like they could easily chew through the line and the frog. LOL Thanks for another cool video. Love all the vegetation along the banks.

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