This is UNACCEPTABLE in a Fishing Tournament! What will this Mental Lapse cost me??

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  1. While I doubt you’ll see this Ben, I just wanted to say thanks. I’ve always been into cat fishing but you got me into bass fishing and today I finally caught my first bass, was only a 2.5-3 pounder but man I haven’t been able to wipe the smile off my face since. Thanks for sharing all the info and giving an inside personal look at what it’s like to bass fish and continue to invite more new comers like me to the sport

  2. You are surely a great guy, fisherman, father, and person in general…
    I can REALLY relate to you…
    You are unlike ANY other pro fisherman I've ever watched in my 40+ years of bass hookin'…
    Thanks for being real, whil'st you reel…
    Remember to just keep on thumpin'!!!
    Good stuff, MF'er
    I enjoyed it…

  3. 2 keys to winning tournaments these days….1) get lucky finding quality/most bass on electronics. 2) play video game Livescope. Not really skillful fishing in today's bass tournaments

  4. I know I've had tournaments like that. Remember one my partner had two in the boat. Every fish I set the hook on either shake off or break off! Three in the same brush pile. It sucked ass that day. Now when I go to tournaments, I try not to think about it. I try not to go in over confident or under either. Just neutral in between. I'm just finishing and trying find fish and develop a pattern. You're the man Ben, your positivity levels are insane through the ceiling bro! Watching you and the G-man have helped me improve on my positive mind additude when fishing. Thank you for your video's and content, know you got a fallowing and strong fan base that's here to try to cheer you up and help keep your journey moving forward.

  5. Diffirent game man when you are not hammering on your own turf! Like the content! It's humbling but real! Keep up the good your and grind hard dude!🤘👍👊❤️

  6. Hey keep your head up buddy win or lose ur still spreading ur positivity and showing us followers/fans what really happens in these tournaments. It’s crazy how good u adjust to the conditions. But I will say this it’s absolutely bonkers that the past few tournaments everyone is only catching dinks when these lakes have big fish. I can tell u I wasn’t expecting it but u kno what u always find a way to get a bag of 5 each day. The only way that is happening because ur the man the myth the legend, and I’ll always be watching u with the highs and the lows. So keep doing what u do and that’s making great content, and showing guys like me who suck at fishing how we can be successful.

  7. Hey man, keep your head up always. You're still doing awesome. Much love brother from up in northern illinois. If youre ever up this way let me get you on some Fox and Vermillion river smallies. Just saw a picture of a 6.8 out here.

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