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Cowan Lake Kayak Bass Fishing Tournament – Cincinnati Kayak Fishing Trail – Wilmington, Ohio

I fished the Cincinnati Kayak Fishing Trail’s tournament at Cowan Lake in Wilmington, Ohio, on a rainy June 11. When I first started doing tournaments a few years ago Cowan was my “learning lake”, the first lake where I felt comfortable on the water and where I started figuring out the different techniques. Now in my third full season of following the tournament trails around the state, I had high expectations coming back to Cowan with all of the knowledge I’ve gained. It didn’t work out the way I had hoped! I struggled to find a bite and the fish I did catch were tiny. I lost a fish at the boat because my net skills are terrible… I tend to dangle the fish over the net and it is amazing I don’t lose more… I have to fix that! But I kept positive and fished hard, and until I learn to make the correct decisions that is all I can ask of myself!

I want to say a huge thanks to Strictly Sail & Kayak for my amazing Hobie Lynx, for always having what I need to get my kayak tournament ready, and for sponsoring Cincinnati Kayak Fishing so that we have a trail to enjoy! Check them out at their shop in Cincinnati, Ohio, on facebook/instagram/youtube, or online here: https://www.strictlysailandkayak.com/girlgonefishing


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  1. Yeah fishing is not easy, but keeping positive is the key, so is moving and casting better than movin and groovin, glad you are enjoying your yak, good luck on your next adventure🎣👊👍

  2. Was sharing a lunch with Larry Nixon and George Cochran 30 years ago at a BASS Techniques seminar in Dayton. Tip of the day, if it starts raining, throw a white spinner bait. I'd add a top water too. Thanks for sharing the experience.

  3. Looks like you did great on a lousy bite day!

    I know no one really wants to admit using them, but when I just can’t catch a fish, I put on a Ned Rig. It will catch at least a couple of small fish every time.

  4. Looked like a grind. Its amazing though what the first fish can do for confidence, even if it takes hours to get that bite. Great job continuing to persevere!

  5. Good job on self talk, we always second guess ourselves after the fact. You just do the best you can and enjoy the day fishing. As far as netting goes,Try to keep the fish in the water with tension until you get your
    net ready for landing it. But no matter what, don’t focus on what you lose.

  6. Thanks for your wonderful videos that show the down to earth fishing in your wonderful country. I bass fish here in Australia with a similar setup but with no sounder 😉

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