You Guys Aren’t Going To Believe What Rick Clunn Just Said…

Randy talks about a recent interview with Rick Clunn…#fishingdaily #bassmaster #angler #fish #fishinglife #bass #catchandrelease #fishing #fishingtrip #bassfishing

Solarbat Blaukat sunglasses…

Lake map breakdowns…

Blaukat old school jig..


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  1. Love for you to tell the mlf guys this and really see what they say. Shaw I know would agree but JW, DC, MDJ AJjr, the top 4 anglers in the world don’t need it it’s just an advantage. Either use it or get beat by it. 🤷‍♀️

  2. Technology will always advance beyond the comprehension of the human brain. It's not going away. I'm waiting for the development of goggles so you can actually see underwater. The only way you personally are going to get any satisfaction from fishing is do your own thing and let the ffs guys do theirs.

  3. I can't afford livescope and most guys would say well that's the only reason you don't or won't have it. If I was given FFS sonar setup, I'd sell it. I totally agree that it's bad for bass fishing and wish it didn't exist. I do get a kick out of fishing local tournaments and being able to compete with out it from time to time. Lots of the guys that have it are the same guys who only love bass fishing if they're in a big bass boat to look cool and be validated by people seeing them compete. Those same guys wouldn't care as much if they was in a 12ft jon boat trolling around catching em with nobody watching. FFS is definitely a problem, but just as much is a bunch of cats that only "love" the sport for the show, and that's probably a much bigger number than we realize

  4. Amen Randy, great video… Years ago when I started Tournament fishing, I felt like I could take a Topo Map of the lake and a Carolina Rig and if I got in the zone, I was gonna catch a huge bag, period. Its not like that anymore…And my interest in tournament bass fishing has been destroyed…. Really sad… There should be a new tournament series without all this crap.

  5. It's amazing what an expert you are on ff sonar and have no experience with it. Btw Poche seems to like it. He is not the nature boy that you portrayed him to be. Randy be a man when you speak about something and you find out your wrong. I can't forget how you praised and told everybody to check out liver king. Never heard you recant all the praise you gave him after he said he did PEDs.😊

  6. this is something that Clunn has been preaching for years.. He also said that guys that " get put on fish" due to phone calls or what not.. that is also a crutch .. I always try to find my own fish..

  7. I agree 100%. I tell young dudes all the time to use your eyes, ears, and nose while fishing. Also, running 25 mph instead of 65mph has caught me a ton of fish. Just saying.

  8. I love how when I enter tournaments or just out fun fishing and ppl realize I don't have livescope they automatically assume I haven't been able too or can't afford it! REALLY ? I'm in a 50 thousand dollar rig and actually have enough money in my sock drawer to buy a couple of them!. Not trying to boast at all its just insane to me that ppl assume just because I don't have one that there's any reason accept I DONT want one.. I'm. 46 been fishing all my life and I enjoy the challenge of finding the fish just as much as I do catching them. It's just so rewarding to use your knowledge and senses to get on em!!

  9. I agree 100%. Technology has taken the skill out of fishing. All you have to do is look at the screen and when you see a fish, you just cast to it. There is no skill in that

  10. Lets just call it what it is… livescope isn’t real fishing. It’s just another example of how society uses technology to get what we want faster and makes us use our brain and imagination less. Instead of enjoying the thrill of finding bass… we have resorted to just scanning the lake to find fish and catch them quicker. It’s laziness

  11. I had been on the fence about FFS until yesterday. Yes I hated watching the pros on tv fishing off shore and staring at screens in front of them but I still watched because I love fishing shows. Then yesterday on my home lake for the first time I see a guy using FFS. And to make matters worse he launched his boat and came and hovered about 50 yards off shore from the point my wife and I were fishing. The good part is I never saw him land a fish. Not on the fence anymore about FFS. It needs to be banned.

  12. IS BUYING WAYPOINTS ANY DIFFERENT THAN USING LIVESCOPE? NOPE! I’ve fished FL for 45 years and we are being overrun by tourists and kooks with LIVESCOPE AND WAYPOINTS! I’ve never used any electronics at all, and I can go to over 20 locations and catch big bass. It took me decades to develop this ability. It is beyond sad that people are happy with relying on technology and information from other people just so they can post their catch on social media…I mean do they even enjoy fishing or do they just enjoy posting on social media. I bet all of their wives use huge dildos to get off!

  13. I agree. I’m old school. About all I use my sonar for is depth. I love the gps. My dad taught me the ways to find fish and the smells of the outdoors. The leaves on certain trees stick straight up when we have a rising barometer and how the fish relate to shade and depth changes. I’m 77 years old but I still know how to find the fish.

  14. You can still develop a keen sense of nature, and learn the subtle changes throughout the day, and also use FFS as an added tool to confirm hunches. I think a lot of the top tournament guys these days are a hybrid of both. Guys that struggle or refuse to exploit the new technology are mostly mid-packers or worse. “Adapt or die” could not be a truer adage.

  15. We are all with you. Every one of us that can't afford the forward facing sonar. Most of us can't afford anything except discount tackle and walmart. But even we tire of hearing you complain. We never wanted to cash checks. We just enjoy catching fish.

  16. Hell yeah nice to see a bass guy that gets it. I'm a trout flyrod guy by trade and we tend to get it. The bass guys mehhhhh not to much into the true nature of the game.

  17. I purposely do NOT have a single graph on my boat for this exact reason.
    The challenge for 'Me' is to figure out the fish with my God-given senses . . . . I dip my feet in the water (or hands in the winter) as a temp gauge.
    It's MUCH more fulfilling to catch bass this way for me.

  18. lures catch people ,fish eat a wide variation of shapes an smells good and bad ,not rocket science,ingenuity an perspective plus hours on the water skill with the rod an reel not just staring at a video screen.

  19. Randy whoever some of the people getting upset about technology on theses comments. Theses people show that it bothers them because they know you are right about it ruining fishing that is why they get so upset!! Ask anyone that knows anything about reading human behavior!! That’s all I need to see!!

  20. Randy…I commented below before you got in to the video…I pulled Rick Clunn in 93 or 94 at the Basmaster Classic on High Rock lake…I was working the Classic as a tow man! Anyway, on the way back to the coliseum, Rick got into this same subject…He explained how an angler had to become encapsulated in this bubble, so to speak, and become so in tuned with nature, visualizing and being the lure as it went through the water…I got a seminar for 45 mins as we drove back. It blew my mind, and it sounded so out there! But as I thought about it years later, I began to realize what he was talking about. And here today, I hear similar examples of the same things he told me that day, its a level of awareness that is often times unattainable for the average fisherman. I may get in that amount of awareness before, but I lose patience when bites are few and far between and realize I am nt there to that level. Most just cast on and move on, never analyzing what or why!

  21. It's not that they lost it, they never had it. It's like food plots for deer, guys are just crappy hunters and can only pull a trigger. Can you do a boat launch etiquette vid since it's the 4th coming up and every jackass with a boat will be dicking around getting their boat in the water making everyone wait on them?

  22. To me its a much greater satisfaction to catch fish with your experience than something giving it to you electronically. Of course I am not a tourney angler.

  23. Maybe you can explain this randy, why is it that when i first started fishing and had no idea what i was doing i caught huge ones all the time everywhere i went. Now that i know better and fish "how im supposed to" i feel like its way more rare for me to catch big ones. I mean i still catch big ones just not as many i feel.

  24. A guy i work with just caught a 12lber with LS. Does understand he is cheating himself. Probably couldn't catch any without LS. Might be a big fish but its still cheating IMO

  25. I understand people being against technology, however since the beginning of time humans have been advancing technology to make them more efficient at hunting and fishing. So you are drawing a line with forward facing sonar, but why not draw the line with side imaging or down imaging. How about no fishing rods and reels being allowed. A fishing rod and reel is technology. I don’t see the argument against forward facing technology, all I hear is a complaint. Now for those who don’t like it in tournaments because they think it makes them boring to watch then don’t watch them and if viewer ship drops the rules will change.

  26. The people that will be successful in the future are the one that are able to catch fish using "old school" methods and by using technology. The ones that will fail are the ones that choose a side and then complain about the other side not being real fishermen and women. Its like going to the lake with one lure and everybody else having a tackle box full of lures then complaining everybody else has "more tools in their toolbox than me" and thats not fair.

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