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This Is How We Catch Bigger Bass In Spring! (Shallow Water Tricks)

Come along for a day on the water and watch how we locate big bass in a giant reservoir! Matt runs the exact pattern that we teach for early season bass fishing and it plays out perfectly. First he catches a few fish, then he catches a whole school, then he catches a BIG one! Its the perfect script for early Spring bass fishing!

Matt is targeting early prespawn bass with a chatterbait, lipless, and squarebill. He’s running secondary points in search of active fish and not wasting any time on unproductive water. When he locates a school he picks it apart then keeps moving in search of the bigger fish that are sure to follow. This is a pattern you can run on any lake around the country. We hope this gives you confidence to keep moving until you catch the fish you’re searching for!

Below you’ll find links to the exact baits and gear Matt was using throughout the video. All the links go directly to Tackle Warehouse where you can see detailed photos and descriptions of each item. We’ve also included a link to Tim’s recent “red bait” video to help you gain an understanding of the crawfish phenomenon in Spring.

•Tim’s Red Bait Video:

Bait– ZMan JackHammer (1/2 oz):
Colors: Golden Shiner, Fire Craw

Trailer #1– Missile Baits 4.5 Spunk Shad:
Color: Frosted Purple

Trailer #2– Hog Farmer 4.5 Spunk Shad:
Color: Blow Torch

•Jackall TN 70 Lipless:
Colors: Crawfish, SS Shad

•Bill Lewis ATV 1.5:
Color: Fire Truck Craw

Rod– Megabass Levante Flat Side Special:
Reel– Shimano SLX 70 MGL (HG):
Line– Sunline Crank FC 14 lb:

Rod– G Loomis IMX Pro 883C BJR:
Reel– Shimano Metanium MGL 150 B (HG):
Line– Power Pro Maxcuatro 40 lb Braid:
Leader– Sunline Saltimate System Shock 20 lb:

Rod– G Loomis IMX PRO 855 CBR:
Reel– Shimano Metanium MGL (HG):
Line– Sufix 131 Braid (30 lb):
Leader– Sunline Saltimate Shock 20 lb:

Rod– St. Croix Legend Tournament Carbon Cranker:
Reel– Shimano Metanium MGL (HG):
Line– Sufix 131 Braid (30 lb):
Leader– Sunline Saltimate Shock 20 lb:

We have a variety of custom lure designs and apparel available! Everything from Swimbaits and crankbaits, to hats and hoodies! Its all available direct through Tackle Warehouse with fast shipping. See it here…

TacticalBassin Lure Designs:


Trolling Motor– Minn Kota Ultrex 112:
Electronics– Humminbird Solix 15:
Anchors– Minn Kota Talons:
Camera– GoPro Hero 9:


Favorite sunglasses:
Favorite Pliers:
Favorite life jacket:
Favorite Scale:
Favorite Lure Retriever:
Favorite Braid Cutters:
Favorite Split Ring Pliers:
Favorite Storage Box:
Favorite Net:

If you plan to do any shopping, using our links before doing your shopping at Tackle Warehouse is the single greatest way to support us! You won’t be able to even see a difference but they’ll know you’re one of us!

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  1. Always enjoyed bass fishing and I recently started watching YouTube videos about it. I watch a ton of your content! Great Stuff. I've heard in other videos of you talking about going out with clients or customers. Do you take people out on trips too?

  2. That was absolutely a blast to watch!! Can’t wait for the snow and ice to be gone in MN so I can get on the damn water! Thanks for the great content as always, definitely gunna try and throw around that fire craw ATV during opener.

  3. Outstanding! you guys are the real deal! I have been watching you guys for a few years now, and I have learned so much in that time. I fish on the Tennessee River as well, and the information you guys give on your channel is definitely the reason why my bass fishing confidence has shot up. Keep up the great work, and I will be looking forward to the next video to drop. Thanks Matt and Tim!

  4. Looking at the Bill Lewis ATV it looks the same body wise as the SB57 only has a plastic bill vs circuit board? What’s the difference action wise?

  5. Just such SUCH good content! Thanks for helping me get better each video. This video was incredible in the steps shown to track down the big one. You guys are the best! Going to take the learnings out on the Potomac River today. Everything I implement that you have shared in your videos works! Really everything!

  6. First, always quality tips and info for us viewers! Thanks Matt….but I have to laugh….hoodie, bundled up under AFTCO gear and FLIP FLOPS! ha…the signature flip flops. I honestly do not know why you dont do a line of Matt Allen Tactical Flips in more subdued colors for clear days and bold colors for those overcast days!!!

  7. I’m just getting into fishing what brand or combo should I get for ultra light fishing I’ve gotten 2 and they can’t cast 1/16 or 1/32oz spinning reel preferably

  8. So I'm from Indiana. 2 weeks ago we were looking good low to mid 50s water temp. Last 2 weeks the weather turned. Got off Lake today and water temp was 44° and I was lost. What's the best thing to do when the weather takes a turn like this?

  9. i love fishing when bass are just chasing shad at the surface this time of year. and actually, for me here in indiana, the bass have been chasing shad at the surface all winter, especially on the calm overcast days. its wild how active they can be in frigid, rainy weather when there are shad swimmin around.

  10. Matt, you and Tim are the best. I am a kayak lake fisherman. You guys have made me a better angler. Now I can go to the lake and not feel overwhelmed on any given day. Been watching this channel for years. Thanks guys!!!

  11. Matt&Tim !! Love these guys.. My Mentors in this game.. I love top water, so much!!! I'm so grateful that he put this out.. Blessing Blessing !! thanks Matt&Tim!

  12. I’m new to fishing and just started last month. What do you mean by points? I don’t own a boat I only bank fish is that something I need to really be focusing on?

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