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This is a DEADLY Spring Swim JIG Trick

Bass get in shallow water during spring and in this video I show you a deadly spring swim jig trick – from rigging to how to fish it – to catch bass.

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  1. I really hate the way they drag the fish along the top of the water i know u dont want them to jump but damn that seems really boring pulling them in like that.

  2. Very cool video and technique! How would you rig up using a BIG EZ? Just upsize the swim jig a hook size and to a 1/4oz? Impressed how you can attack that thick cover and walk right through it!

  3. Mikey, had a tournament yesterday on Hatchineha couldn't get a bite. Then I remembered this video because I saw some heavy matted grass and pads tied on a weedless Big EZ and swam it over the tops of that stuff and they were crushing it and I ended up catching my limit for the tourney and man seeing them destroy it thru that grass was awesome. Wish I would have spent more time finding those grass patches early in the morning. Thanks for the great content man !!!

  4. going to give this a go on the Potomac up here in VA for Snake head in the lily pads. Snakes pile up in them and the only way I have found to fish across the pads is with frogs.

  5. I have a hard time finding swim jigs that are less than 3/16, I really want to find a 1/8 size head. Even with 3/16 there are only a couple companies that make them. Any suggestions on where to get 3/16 or smaller jig heads? I prefer to tie my own if possible.

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