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Flipping THICK Cover For Big Bass | 22 Pounds | San Joaquin River Bass Fishing | San Joaquin River

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  1. Great videos. I dig the content.. this video game isn't easy with getting views here on YouTube.. channel got a lot of story behind it but I'm having a hard time getting the subscribers. We just launched our website to the company hbxl Outdoors.. getting ready to start working with feelfree kayaks.. hoping once I can get out there on the water start doing some more big fish of the yak I can get my views and subscribers up.. if you got any pointers…. I could definitely use em

  2. Great video man I love the diversity with the flipping and the liplessโ€ฆI just had an amazing week down here in texas flippin a jog had 3 20+ lb days inna rowโ€ฆyโ€™all make me wanna bust out the lipless

  3. Hey, quick question. Iโ€™ve never fished the San Joaquin river before and I was wondering where a good spot would be to launch out of with kayaks?

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