The side of Fishing that Nobody tells you about… – Bass Master Elite Series – Santee Cooper

Wow… Santee was BRUTAL. I have zero excuses this week, I just did not execute like I should have. The good news is that the job is not finished. We have a chance at revenge on Lay Lake in just a few short days.

Thank you for following along! Stay tuned for more!

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  1. I Watch all the popular channels of elite pros…you are very relatable for me in comparison You are breaking things down about what happened, your mindset before, your mindset going forward…liked and subscribed.

  2. Praying for you buddy. I know this has to be a nightmare compared to what you had visualized but you are learning lessons that will never leave you no matter where your fishing career takes you. And anyone who is a true fan of bass fishing knows it’s just a matter of time before the real John Soukup shows up. Sometimes it only take one good event or even one good fish catch to get this train back on the tracks. Like you already know, let your instincts lead and have fun doing it.

  3. I'm from AL and fish the Coosa river lakes every week, don't get locked on largemouth at lay lake those big spots will get in that willow grass as good as any. Make your mind up if you are going to lake fish or river fish. Waxahachie, peckerwood are my 2 go to pockets for big fish on the lake. When the water is running get on obvious current breaks with a jig or swimbait

  4. I admittedly just found your channel. I wanted to comment and say that listening to you reflect on what happened with your game plan was really enlightening. You’ve got a great attitude and I look forward to more of your videos.

  5. Hang in there buddy. We’re with you through the thick and the thin. Just keep doing doing your thing, your time is coming! Head up and on to Lay Lake!!

  6. Good luck on the next one. You know how tournament fishing goes, there are tournaments it seems like you are lost and can’t do anything right, then all of the sudden it happens and you can’t beat them off the hook. Those are the times when you get ahead of them and can do no wrong. I believe your thinking is correct, put your head down and the “zone” will come brother.

  7. Not going to lie. I've been really surprised on your performance so far on the Elites. Get back in the groove that works for you. Everyone knows you got what it takes!!!!

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