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Top 4 Bass Baits for May: Catch Fish in All Three Phases of the Spawn

Join Mike Iaconelli in the shop as he shares his top four bass baits for the month of May. Discover the universal appeal of his number one bait – the Shaky Head worm – and learn how it can catch pre-spawn, bedding, and post-spawn bass in all regions. Get a quick tutorial on rigging the worm and find out why the movement of this bait is such a killer trigger for spawning fish. Plus, learn about his second soft plastic bait, the tail weighted french fry, which also catches fish in all three phases of the spawn. Don’t miss this video if you want to increase your chances of catching bass this May!

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  1. Hey mike, it would be great to have someone behind the camera so that you can zoom in once in a while for close ups while you talk. That would greatly enhance the quality of the video

  2. Thank you great video… I live in Florida treasure coast area…. I use the trick worm as a Texas style unpegged.. But i use a lot of different retrieves. Pop it, drag it, pop it while still retreiving so it goes many different directions.. Thanks again

  3. My Top 4 baits for May are Underspin, Underspin, Underspin, Underspin. For June, July, August, September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April = Underspin. In the summer i burn it and pause it less. In the winter i slow roll it and pause often but an underspin is all i throw UNLESS im fishing a flooding creek then I’ll throw a jig and lipped diving swimbait

  4. I love May… tons of fry guarding males still shallow that most guys can’t resist, but the biggest females are already showing up on the ledges and key offshore areas. I catch more big ones in May on the ledges than I do later in summer when they get into those real big schools.

  5. Mike, always good information. I'm a Jersey guy like yourself. I have a Hobie Pro angler 12 and I am looking for a good ramp and safe area on the Upper Susquehanna. Can you recommend one?

  6. It's been rainy, cool and windy here in Indiana. The bass spawn should be on. It's early May! I always wanted to learn more about fishing the spawn. I watch many YouTube videos. From The experts. Just bought a Quantum Smoke HD baitcaster reel. It arrived today. Got a Lew's Hank Parker MH 7' to put that Quantum Smoke HD on. 40 braid to boot for line. I believe this combo will out perform. My KVD Smoke 6 to 1 ratio baitcaster reel matched with a Vengence 7' MH Baitcaster rod. Some say to use Frog's, Chatterbaits, Spinnerbaits and soft plastic craw's in Blue gill colors. I am Going with a Swimbait with a craw trailer. Those big ole' female bass will be rubbing up against those males. I am going after my PB Largie. Putting a least 5 hrs to get it done. Trying different lures to find out. The one that works the best. Fishermen get out and fish Covid 19 is over! Get back to the water and wet a line! Shawn.

  7. I will get that Shaky Head rigged up today for my next trip to the reservoir. Also thanks for including specifying MD on your advice for may. Because I'm not "Down South" or "Up North" most people forget about this part of the country.

  8. Water temp dropped here in pa 49-50 ! Weather sucks here ! Your not that fat away * FAIRVEIW IS CALLING <
    Giant smallies < and largies << Peace <<

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