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The Most OVERLOOKED & BEST Spring Bass Lure Ever? (The Floating Worm) Spring Bass Fishing Tips

The floating worm is definitely one of the best spring bass lures ever created. It will catch bass from early spring to late spring and everywhere in between. I hope these bass fishing tips help you this spring!

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  1. I actually stumbled across this because I was fishing a wacky rigged senko and it was spooking the fish off so I decided to try a trick worm and the only color I had was bubblegum

  2. I have used the 8'' Creme Scoundrel worms in a hand full of colors for my floating worm. It has been so productive, I never am without some in my boxes. I swim them just beneith the surface, walking the dog, or swimming like a snake. April has been best time of year for me using this. Cast among weedbeds, hang on, have fun!

  3. If you don't want to do this so badly, then why did you do it? Was there a gun to head and someone had your family in shack up in the woods? What could possibly force you to do something you so badly don't want to do ? Oh… ya.. da money.

  4. Wait. You have a baseball cap with camo on the front plastered with a bass embossed with the American flag cut out from a bourbon barrel? Does it explode into fireworks on the 4th of July?

  5. I used to kill it with a 4"" turtle back full worm j in the blue with black flake and black with blue flake, I would smash em on this in a highly pressurized 7 acre pond

  6. I'm sorry, I'll wait for the top water bite! Down here in South Carolina you'd be surprised how long top water goes!! There isn't anything like that explosion! I quit fishing lakes, there are so many ponds around that a good deep cycle batteries will be sufficient!

  7. Great video! I just recently started watching some of your videos and I like the format (mix of explanation and video footage of you fishing) and how thorough you are! You mentioned this is mostly when you're wanting to target largemouth. What are your go-to lures for targeting river smallmouth in the spring? Do you have a bait or lure set up similar to this that is your go-to but specifically for smallmouth in the spring?

  8. I agree completely, I have one tied on year round, you can also put a small finishing nail in the head , when they move out to points after spawn and wear them out with it. My color of choice is Redbug just seems to be the most consistent for me in Arkansas. Great video!

  9. Ahh…the floating trick worm is great. White, merthiolate and bubble gum is awesome…..I love em. Put a slight crook in the worm instead of it being straight and it darts back and forth, spins and has a tons of action. Bubble gum has been the best color for me.

  10. This video was awesome!! I watched this two days ago and decided to try it at a pond today. I caught 7 large mouth ranging from 1/2 lb up to 2.5 lbs on this exact setup (1/0 circle hook and zoom pink worm wacky rigged)! Best fishing day in years!

  11. That's crazy bro, I started using pink trick worms after i ran out of stick baits one day. I was supersized how well it worked after i tried it. I will switch worms if im having a hard time getting bit. Best part is the zoom worm holds on the hook way better then like a Gary Yamamoto stick bait, but works just as good. Im gonna have to try that red worm out.

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