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My Soft Plastic Jerkbait System | Bass Fishing Tackle Tutorial


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I started a new series during the Covid Pandemic called “This Is Home”. Without the ability to travel the country fishing as I normally do, I stayed home and did some exploring within my home state. Some of these fisheries may be familiar and some won’t!

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  1. I've become a huge fan of zman soft jerbaits on my Carolina rigs because it likes to float so my weight gets to the bottom but the bait falls so slow on its long leader. I know way back in the day we use to think or they use to say the bait is floating behind the weight but with these types of plastics it almost does and I get more bites then using my old stand by the super flukes.

  2. Brian, if you like to get crazy with chartreuse give Bubble Gum Pink a try. I did it for the first time tonight after supper. The Bass & Pike just hammer it.

  3. Weightless white or chartreuse with a worm hook just through the mouth/head is works great for pike in shallow waters. Can still cast it far and i just pull reel pull retrieve.

  4. Thx for taking the time to help…..i have used a split shot weight on tje wide gap hook……turn the weight upside down on the hook and crimp the weight

  5. I have had great luck with the swivel and leader method for years it creates great action. I use it in tidal coastal rivers in the flooded swamps and it works well around wood , lilly pads and most situations. I'll even donkey rig the things…

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