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The Last WORM Video You Will Ever Watch For Early Spring Bass Fishing

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  1. Is it possible that after all videos about fishing bass and all the years and abstract logic behind most of weird bass fanatics, you came to conclusion that you finally FOUND the trick that makes the difference, and thats in different metal used for jighead haha. Sorry buddy, but i cant take any of you fanatics seriously anymore haha. Cant wait video where someone will come with conclusion that there is magical frequency of minnkota that makes you catch more fish haha

  2. I can see this being true if you are fishing in a known crawfish bait water. I never thought bait fish made a sound nor does the sound attract bass. I have tried a shaky head and just haven't had success with it. I'll stick with my Big TRD Ned rig.

  3. The shakeyhead I use the most is a Davis bait, horsehead looking thing. It was on Randy's channel…best one I ever tried, hangs much less and nice hook. Thanks

  4. Hey Matt when you was at Clarks Hill last week you went to pair of jacks to get fishing lures and me and my son and wife came in and you gave him an autograph on his hat and a picture that was his first autograph Anthony a professional he was so happy God bless be safe keep fishing

  5. Good video – I had to laugh at Miles recommendation for a shakey head to use with the zman mag fattyz. I would love to see him try and rig that screwlock into elaztech on video! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Iโ€™ll never understand 65lb braid with a 10# fluro
    Either youโ€™re in heavy cover because youโ€™re using 65 or your on the bottom no heavy cover and you use straight fluro

  7. Current water temps for most of Southeast at this time are well into the 60's. Very warm for this time of yr an we just had full moon lastnight w new moon by the 25th. These bass are already up there

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