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One Lure YOU Need To Catch MORE Bass (Winter Pond Fishing)

Another warpig video because it works year round!

Gear Used Today:


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  1. Next time if that creek looks like that, try chartreuse or bright orange on baits. Also a Colorado bladed spinnerbait below that shoal would get hammered by a spotted bass. If you use a double willow get the small blade in bright orange. Vibration is key! 👍🏼

  2. Dang , that's still a big bag . My tackle box is a pack that is only 16tall x 8 wide x4 inches thick . Has my rapalas , scale , Texas rig stuff , poncho , all the necessities .

  3. Great video. I do a lot of pond hopping, either from the bank or kayak. As far as your Florida trip…I'd try to hit up Headwaters or maybe chase peacock bass, definitely a fish on my bucket list.

  4. Here in ohio I catch more smallies in creeks when the water is dirty compared to when it's really clear. Something about after it rains and the water gets stained fires them up. Can't buy a bite when it's clear.

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