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Catching BIG bass on a GIANT swimbait in CRYSTAL clear river!!

Thanks for tuning into (PART 2), the final part of my trip to the devils river!! Also a thanks for all the support on PART 1. Next video comes out Monday!! If you aren’t already please subscribe and leave a comment/ let me know what you think . YALL are the best! #texas #crystalclearwater #bassfishing #giant #viral


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  1. Man I'm still riding the high from my 20+ inch smallie from yesterday now I'm on a double high from my catch yesterday and your catch in this video…!!!! Ok I need to get one of these over sized glide baits definitely… 🎣💪🔥🐟

  2. the power of those fish, even after releasing them, amazing river largemouth and smallmouth. I just went to three oaks, same water clarity as devils river, roman made negotiator gets it done.

  3. Man I can feel the high your feeling right through my screen when your catching these donkeys. It gets me fired up!! 🔥 🔥 I’ve been digging these videos! Keep it up 💪🏽 💪🏽

  4. Dude its insane what these smallies look like compared to the ones by me in New York. i know you told me last time they are pure breed smallies but wow they look crazy and they are brutes

  5. Came across your videos while looking up info on devils river. Looks like you had a great trip! What is that glidebait that you're using? I only have big soft plastic swimbaits so far but would like to give glide baits a try. Love the videos!

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