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The In Deep On The Delta Weekly Fishing Report For 7/6/2023.

This week on the delta has once againproduced lower than average tournament weights, The river, other than the South Delta, is in great shape, and the bite has steadily improved. It’s still not what we expect the delta to be in July, but hard work and persistence have been paying off for many anglers that have been grinding it out. This week I share the keys to sucess that have helped me to consistently hook up this past week.


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  1. Love the info, I have been seriously struggling out there. I will give your advice a go. Thank you for the videos, really appreciate them.

  2. That was a sic intro video! I thought you were just being artsy cutting it off when you did instead of getting the fish all the way into the boat….then, I cried a little bit when you mention towards the end of the video that you lost it. I have to say…at least so far in 2023, "hard work and persistence" has been a steady theme, no matter where I've gone. It's been a grind just about everywhere. Tight lines everyone.

  3. Just letting you guys know I religiously fish out of Lathrop they finally opened up the river last week I went out the last three days and it’s still chocolate milk super fast current it’s really high flow there’s a lot of new underwater obstacles to so be careful but it is open now but the visibility is terrible still

  4. Saw you at paradise point the other day on my kayak. You were right, the right side was so dirty filled with debris. I caught a few punching the left rock side that you told me to try out and a few on spinnerbait. Just not biggins. Any recommendations for a better area to launch with cleaner water on a kayak? Thanks again Steve for the report

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