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Using my Kids Shoe for Bait ?!? River Bass Fishing | Surprising Results

For years I’ve said smallies will eat a wet shoe. Today I put my statement to the test. The results are quite a shock to me with this weird river bass fishing lure.

Below are some of the products used in this video.

Rod Holder Belt Clip and Net:

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Diawa Reel:

Okuma Rod:

Some gear I use on the regular.

Pflueger President XT (

Pflueger President 40 (

Daiwa Spinmatic Rod (

St. Croix Premier 7′ Rod (

Vest (

Pliers (

Pliers Retractable Lanyard (

The vest featured in the video is no longer in production. This is the closest one to it I can find.
Net Magnet Kit (

Fanny Pack (

Waders (


The above are affiliate links and I do earn a small commission if anything is purchased using the links.

I do NOT promote products that I don’t use myself!


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  1. I've been fishing river smallmouths since the early 90's every summer the biggest fish come from close to shore, heat of the day. They are waiting for critters to come down for a drink.

  2. Bro! This is AWESOME!!!! Get the heck out of here! Absolutely cool!!

    Put a tail on that sucker and toss it mousing for browns. I had a opportunity to do some mousing with Eric the weekend you guys met up. Thats how I knew about your adventure with the bearded trout hunter and him

    Never done it was a blast

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