The Harsh Reality Of Having A Bass Fishing YouTube Channel

Randy shares with everybody the challenges of starting a bass fishing YouTube channel…#bassmaster #fishing #bassfishing #bass #fishingdaily #fishingtrip #catchandrelease #angler #bassmaster

Lake map breakdowns…

Blaukat old school jig link…

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  1. I think what people like is something that can’t always be quantified. It’s your demeanor… ability….ect and sometimes that can’t be bought with high production value. You just seem like a really nice guy with a great voice and good pacing! Keep it up

  2. Definitely rooting for you to be very successful. Kind of drawn back into watching your shows even though I physically unable to use my boat.
    But I do agree with you. I just can't watch some of these these younger YouTubers with zero Pro experience, a brand new truck and brand new 21 foot tournament boat, with the ability to travel here and there and show off their big catches. Any decent fisherman can go to Lake Falcon and pull out some nice fish during a good season . So, I ask some younger folks and my daughter. what I found out is; it's kind of like the boyband fad. Does it really matter about their credentials, whether they can sing or just mouth the words, kids love them.

  3. Quality vs. quantity. Authenticy. Content vs. hot air. That's You and your channel – and therefore I like it! Thank You, Randy! 🙌

  4. Been saying this FOREVER. The reason why the Googan Squad was so successful is because everyone could relate to guys walking the bank, fishing with a rod or two and a backpack. Or maybe fishing out of a beat up Jon boat. 95% of fisherman can’t relate to guys fishing out of $110k boats being pulled by $100k trucks. Best example of this is Brandon Palaniuks channel. His videos are professionally edited and amazing, but just not relatable to anyone who’s not filthy rich so they don’t do that well in comparison. Hell, even me fishing out of a $5k kayak is out of reach to most. Every other sport, the spectators get to use what the pros use whether it’s bats in baseball, sneakers in basketball or even sticks and skates in hockey.

  5. I started one last summer but not to get famous or to even make money, I do it because I like to make videos of me fishing and talking about fishing. If people watch great if they don’t so be it. I am having fun and that’s all that matters to me. I watch your videos because you seem like a sensible person and I agree with most of your opinions about the issues facing fishermen.

  6. I’ve fished my entire life but your point at the end is one reason I started my channel. There’s a lot about fishing I don’t know but if I post content about me trying and succeeding or failing, my viewers can use that information to catch fish. Also there’s the online interaction where people can exchange ideas.

  7. If I could only pick one fishing channel it would be yours. It’s authentic, not some high bandwidth 4k drone production that won’t load. Your vids aren’t 17 minutes long and there is usually a benefit to gain. It’s simple. Everything’s become so complicated, I think most people gravitate to simplicity. Seems like you definitely have to put the work in to get the views, I have a few videos on my channel and I didn’t post then with the intent to get views, mainly just posted them as a place to share and watch with friends. That being said, my vids get maybe 50 views a year. Keep doing what you’re doing buddy.

  8. MikeyBallz is whack. Thinks he's cool and can fish. Tacticool Bassin think they can fish. Fooking just answer the call out. Ain't nothing to it. KVD is a complete joke, a media job. These pros are giving us useless info. Truth. Debo? He doesn't even know wtheck he's doing. Be serious yo.

  9. 95-98% of them are fraudster or don't know how to fish. These mofos kept saying I don't know anything and I am just negative, tell Randy to run one with me on shore. We draw up a contract to narrow down to one bait. I'll show you kids what I am talking about. I'm tired of all the bullshit when I'm just trying to tell you how it is.

  10. Well stated Randy! It’s why I always hit the like button even before you get into your video. I do that so I don’t forget. I may be a little old fashion at 64, but maybe that’s why I appreciate your views on topics you have talked about! Sincerity that stands on truth will always reel me in!😊

  11. Me and my 11 y/o grandson was talking about your channels yesterday…Its a weekly project of ours to sit down and watch your videos…he said Blaukat is boring…I explained you are like a college professor, you teach and give your lectures, and its up to us to go prove or disprove your theories and form our own opinion on any particular topic. I like your format, (as a former television producer, I know what it takes to plan and build any type of video, no matter how complex or simple the production may be). Keep on keeping on my friend!!!

  12. That's why I appreciate watching you Randy straight forward with helpful information. Thank you for some truths you taught about fishing 🎣 🙂

  13. Randy great advice. I started Yakventures less than a year ago I’m just an amateur fisherman that enjoys being on the water and fishing from my kayak. Love your content Randy and your experiences that you share.

  14. I bet a lot of folks don't know that the big shots out there send their videos off to professional editors. It may be OK for some things but I don't see it working well for something as fluid as fishing.
    And concerning your video style, I come here to learn. I'm no fan of just watching someone catch fish. When I find myself watching one of those, I click off pretty soon. Your videos are like a one on one, face to face with a bass fishing pro teaching you his tips and secrets. Always worth the watch.

  15. Not sure what kind of mic setup you're using right now, but it sounds really good in this video. Media content is tough, and tougher now that it's easy for people to get their content out there in some form or another, so there are a bazillion people competing, and people getting it for free. Think about all the talented musicians that barely make a few cents per play on Spotify, with no record companies putting resources into them any more, for example. There's so much content out there, it's really hard to get a big enough chunk of the market to get a decent return out of it. And if you're fortunate enough to find that niche of success, it probably changes in a year or two when trends go another way, or the social media platforms star playing more games cutting into your profits or cancelling you for total bullshit reasons. It's a tough racket.

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