BEST Worm HOOK for Bass Fishing!

BEST Worm HOOK for Bass Fishing! I learned this hook tip a little bit ago but thought you all would like to add it to your tackle tips as well! Hope this helps you catch more fish without the hassle. Hooks linked below – Trokar Hooks:

Thanks for watching!

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  1. Matt, that was the BEST EXPALANATION on any worm hook video I've watched. Thanks for those tips and when I fish those weedy, snarly areas I'll switch to the straight shank. Best to you down in Florida!! Will be watching👀 you!!! Stay Safe & God Bless!!!

  2. As you were showing TK 100 then started talking about using them in grass, I could instantly picture in my mind pulling grass off my hook on every cast around grass patches. Great tip Matt now all I need to do is remember it 4 months from now.

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