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The 50/30/20 Method Never FAILS For BASS FISHING

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  1. When I'm actually fishing a tournamen , I would say it's %90 history , %5-%5 new – electric.
    When I'm practicing or fun fishing , I would say , %30 history ,%20 electric , %50 new water and always trying to improve my skills with new and uncomfortable techniques.
    Sometimes it works, most the time I'm on the struggle bus but I love it all , except maybe how much $$$ I'm willing to invest for the love of fishing lol . Na it's all worth it , I love it all .

  2. Great advice! You aren’t learning if you fish the same stuff every time. My home lake is a 1000 acre 9.9 limit reservoir and all I have is my electric setup at the moment. I’ve gotten the end of the lake by the ramp broken down pretty good! In the electric tournaments I fish i definitely find myself graphing more until I find bait or good structure/cover

  3. I like the idea of breaking down the strategy into specific actions I think it helps a lot to have a plan and stick to it rather than just going out fishing it’s all fun but I think we can all agree it’s much more fun when we catch ‘em thank you

  4. I’ve spent up to six hours of an eight hour day trying to find fish then catching a couple dozen in about that many minutes once I finally found them!

  5. I would agree with what you are saying here. I am very successful doing about the same approach to my fishing days. I am always looking for new good water. Not afraid to graph for 4+ hours. It has paid off big time for me!

  6. Jimi, In the Youtube age of Tackle Infomercials, this is a breath of fresh air (As are most of the Bass Declassified vids). Your message is a huge reality check for me. I am the first to admit, that most fishing days, I'm 90% History, 5% Graph, and maybe 5% new water. AND I HAVE GOOD ELECTRONICS!!! Just developed my new goal for 2023 thanks to you. Moved down to Chattanooga 2 years ago, and I will tell you I have very little confidence in finding fish on Chick. So I rarely fish it. Instead, I do my "milk run" on the river, and yes, I catch some fish, but it's all really predictable. I'm retired, so I have the time. I am now going to use it more wisely when fishing. "Fish smarter, not harder."

  7. I found myself finally breaking top tens in local tournaments when I spent an entire day graphing and leaving my rods at home during practice

  8. great plan to be productive in a fishing day Jimi! I've to force myself to spend more time behind my units, I usually spend the first part of my day looking for some bites in my confidence spots, than I graph around for about 1 hour and start discovering new spots

  9. another terrific vid, Jimi ! those are some valuable tips and strategies that you have shared. I will be the first to say, I fish history too much. In my defense, I don’t have a big bass boat to fly around the lake, so I am kind of limited. However, your idea of putting in at different ramps to fish new water is spot on. You never know it until you try it! God bless!

  10. I dont really fish daytime anymore. My strategy on any body of water, any time of the year is to throw a buzzbait. I just got back from catching 5 fish over 3 pounds from the bank of a roughly 4 acre subdivision pond. I caught every one of those fish on a brand new savage gear suicide duck I was testing out. It's amazing to me that I can get topwater blow ups year round if I just fish after dark.

  11. I look back at some of my best and fun days on the water, they were those days I fished new waters.
    I totally agree your confidence will soar when you get a plan together from those new waters.
    I fish new waters 50%, known areas at 30% and graphing at 20%.
    Now graphing is almost 90% if you count in the time I am fishing but still looking at my bow graphs and my mapping. The 20% is my main engine and sitting at the wheel going 3 to 5 mph.

  12. There is a great angler out there who has taught me so much about the sport of bass fishing in a short period of time. To me, he's like a modern-day Doug Hannon in that he's very cerebral and not just "throw this bait here at this time". He's always helping me to figure out the why and the how and not just the what and where. The best advice he ever gave me was this – fish patterns, not spots. That advice is what allowed me to take my game to the HNL! (Hole 'nutha level!)

  13. As a small lake angler I have 0 idea how to find maps etc. I've tried Navionics and they won't cover my lakes. I don't do electronics Any ideas?

  14. Thanks Jimi, great video! I’ve always been intimidated by new water, especially on the bigger lakes. This has motivated me to get out of that rut and expand my game. Thanks again. 👍🏼

  15. Just moved to new state so it will all be graphing and new spots. I will probably pick a section of a lake fish it 2-3 times and then move on to a new portion of the lake. I will chose the areas based on fish seasonal movements.

  16. Awesome as normal Jimi! Great perspective on how to approach a day. Fishing for me is so much in confidence and if I catch on a unfamiliar bait or new water, confidence sky rockets. Great job pal

  17. Hey Jimi, to answer your question… 30% graphing, 60% fishing known watering holes, 10% fishing new spots. I'm thinking about forcing myself to change that up quite a bit. I fish a very interesting lake in that it has 2 large sections which are connected, but I mostly fish the one since it is near the boat ramp I use. I need to branch out to the other half. Jordan Lake NC…

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