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Lake Norman winter bass fishing from a kayak

filmed December 29th


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  1. Not sure how I missed this vid. I suspect you are gonna like fishing out of a yak. I follow a couple guys who do pretty good in it. Hooksetz with Ryan and Greg Blanchard. Ryan is local and Greg is out of California. Both of them show a LOT about yak fishing. Sorry to hear about the big boat. Looking forward to more good vids.

  2. Man Im from north west Al fish Pickwick, and Wilson lake my fav! subscribed a few days ago to your channe.l I really like it reason being you know, and love bass fishing period. A lot of us can relate to your up and downs boat no boat kepp posting brother

  3. Thanks for the video and I hit the like !
    Never tried a kayak and donโ€™t think I would like it I know I would get to stiff and achey lol I am 59 and 15 years of construction took a toll. So I have one of those Pelican bass Raiders and it works great plus a 55 pound thrust trolling motor.
    Fished from bank last night till the cold ran me off and managed 2 small keepers and one about 4 pounds.

  4. So first I want to say I love the video. I think it was the kayak!! Hahaha. So 2 questions 1. Do you normally use a spinning setup for your jerk bait? 2. What is your a-rig rod and reel setup?

  5. Watching you catch those fish under the bridge literally right after we had just fished it goes to show that hitting rip rap from different angles can completely change if you get bite or not. Brent was throwing a rapala crank ironically as well. Good video!

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