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The BEST Finesse BAIT No One Uses

This is the best finesse bait that no one talks about or uses anymore but it wins tournaments. The Grub is a soft plastic bass fishing lure that was used in the same ways we use finesse swimbaits today. You can put a grub on Alabama rigs, one Ned rigs, on swimbait heads, on Texas rigs, on free rigs etc. It so versatile that that it will catch ever fish that swims.


Gear in this video:
Spinning Setup:
Rod: TFO Tactical Elite 7ft med:
Reel: Lew’s Custom Elite Speed Spin:
K9 Pro100 8lb Fluorocarbon: 10%off BASSGEEK10
Casting Setup:
Rod: TFO Professional 7ft Med ModFst:
Reel: Okuma Hakai 6.2:1:
K9Floruo (Co-Poly) 10lb Fluorocarbon: 10%off BASSGEEK10

The Head I love:
Angler Tungsten Eclipse Head:
10% Discount: BassGeek
The Head in the video:
Queens Tackle Tungsten Live Sonar Head:

Grubs I love:
Zoom Fat Albert Grub:
Strike King Rage Grub:

Tackle Boxes:

Waterland SunGlasses: 15% Code BASSGEEK


BassCastRadio Podcast:
The BassGeek Pod Cast:





Address: PO Box 538 Duffield, VA 24244

Other Gear I use:
Line: K9 Pro100 Fluorocarbon: 10%off BASSGEEK10
K9 Braid: 10%off BASSGEEK10
k9 Co-Polymer Mono like: 10%off BASSGEEK10
LureNet Custom Paint Shop: 15% OFF Code: BASSGEEK15
Angler Tungsten 20% Discount: BassGeek
Waterland SunGlasses: 15% Code BASSGEEK


Boat Accessories:

Boat EFX Trailer Steps: Discount Code BassGeek5
Humminbird Helix 10SI:
Garmin 1022:
Garmin LiveScope Plus:
Double Graph Bow Mount:
TH Marine HydroWave H2:


Camera Gear:
YOLOtek: Code: BASSGEEK up to 38% off
3x’s Gopro Hero 5 Blacks:
Rode Video Mic Go:
Saramonic SR-XM1 Omnidirectional Microphone and Play Mic

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  1. The fat alberts are killer for where i fish in the Connecticut river. This evening i went out after work and had 10 smallies on today with the fat albert and a 1/4 oz ned rig head.

  2. Like the man said, this is the original swimbait lure, us " Old Farts " have been fishing these lures , like me for over 50 years and they were killer for all types of fish back in the day and they still are now , never hit the water without them , and the twin tail grubs make for an great jig trailer too !!!

  3. I like fishing grubs weightless texas rig and drag em across lilly pads or count it down and use as a jerk bait. this is a summer / fall pattern in winter I use lead head .

  4. Never used them for bass, but have absolutely wore out the speckled trout in Tampa Bay with grubs. Will have to start working these into my bass lure rotation ๐Ÿ˜….

  5. Well, there is one fishermen talking about it. Double tail Grub from Zoom is tough to beat. I like it on an Arkie jig. Some day I'm coming to your lake with my doubletail grub. Fish on!

  6. I prefer tail down to avoid fouling the hook. I also like long wispy tails. So, I clip 4" worms w/tails off to 2"-3" depending on water clarity and depth. I'll clip them on a slight angle to improve glide or drop rates. (Thank you Malcolm Lane) White Bass, LM Bass & Crappie seem to like salt & pepper the best.

  7. I prefer to fish m with the tail up also, but on the tri color ones they sell for crappi fishing. If you rig m with the dark color on top n light down the way bait fish appear naturally, the tail comes out to the side

  8. I use big bite baits 5in grubs watermelon/red flake on a 1/8 or 1/4 ball head jig and on a dropshot super tough…this is always tied on and thrown…spring time texas rigged weightless for shallow water. Rage tails for me have issues with tail coming off after 1 or 2 fish.

  9. Coming from australia here we love and use them but smaller sizes for our bream we use 2 and 2.5 inch generally on a 1/20 jig head sometimes heavier sometimes lightsr depends on the conditions then we use 4 5 and 6 inch for snapper

  10. Love fishing grubs. Always productive. I fish them texas, ballhead and on slider heads. Zoom fat albert, zman and damiki mr jumbo are my favourite. Greetings from South Africa!

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