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Lake Fork Pre Spawn Bass Fishing: Warming Trends In January, Big Bass On Chatterbaits!!!

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  1. Hey Mr Lawson excellent video I love the videos you do fishing on the water great content. Hey Billy those LGB rods look badass. Good luck with your new rod company thanks for the great information because I'm moving to Texas next year. Hey Mr Lawson I've already learned a lot all that wood is very intimidating but not so much Ater the homework I've been doing. GOD bless you and your family and your dog skeeter what a beautiful dog.

  2. Lake fork man milt here l am a Air Force Vietnam vet so you know l love my country and the vet that gave their all for it let me know about your rods l would like to get one be for l die l am 77 thanks from one vet to another Milton

  3. The LGB Rod!! Get the fux outta here that is the best rod name I've ever heard legitimately!! I just grab 2 rods this month but next rod will most definitely be a LGB rod. American made is 1 thing but American made by Americans that truly love this country is a whole different thing ! Awesome man !! I love it

  4. i broke two rods this week …. I looked up the Rods your premoting… I just cant aford one ,, Im disabled and only get so much $ a month…guess Ill stick to Academy,s

  5. I've been catching them on worms next to the stumps.
    here on Rayburn… I couldn't catch on moving baits.
    and I mean shallow ….like 2 foot

  6. As an American made rod enthusiast, I'm all for keeping it in the country. Hell I try my best to keep it Texas made. I fish Kistler. So the American made tag peaks my interest greatly. I know my older KLX's used Loomis blanks (Kistler Loomis Xperience) but now they've gone to all pretty much Japanese Toray blanks. Which I won't complain about because they're still phenomenal to me. I'm interested in where these LGB blanks are made

  7. Been wondering about those woven carbon fiber handles. Now I know they're lighter and more durable than cork. Wondering how stiff the action on that 7' medium heavy is. Could I throw a swimming worm or senko with it? Ditto on the Garmin chip.πŸ™‚

  8. Man keep up the good work out there brother absolutely love your channel hands down definitely one of the best channels out there in my opinion.

  9. When u gonna get pro lane for Garmin. I want to buy the lane pro. By the way few of us will be a lake fork for second year going in March. Hopefully u will put up another video for late February early March

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