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The Absolute Best Baits to use during the Bass Spawn with Greg Hackney

The bass spawn is the best time of year to catch the fish of a lifetime. While on beds, fish may not be actively feeding so anglers have to get creative to get them to bite. In this video pro angler Greg Hackney breaks down his favorite baits to use during the spawn.


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  1. Moving:

    1. Strike King Thunder Cricket Vibrating jig, ¼ to ¾ oz he uses half ½ oz, green pumpkin

    2. swim Jig, bluegill color, candy craw rage craw trailer

    3. buzz bait

    Bottom baits:

    4. strike king rage bug

    5. Strike King Ocho stick worm (Texas or wacky rig)

    6. Strike King Rodent (black and blue in dark water, green pumpkin or watermelon red in clear water)

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