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Fishing CRAZY SHRIMP Lure for BIG Bass!!! (Crazy Challenge)

In this video we head out to a local pond for the ultimate test.We age going to be fishing a shrimp for bass.As you know a shrimp lives in saltwater and a bass is in freshwater!!! You guys just watch the video and see what happens!!! Thanks for watching👍🏼💥🐟

-Help me get to 10K👍🏼💥🐟


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  1. Grass shrimp exist in most freshwater environments in the US. Likely an early food for younger bass. Theres areas in the St Johns in FL where you can catch both big red fish and super fat bass at the same location feeding on big schools of shrimp

  2. I have that type of lure.. i just don't know how to use it… I've been searching videos how to properly use it but can't find one.. is it for jigging? Action? Jerk bait? Can someone please teach me how to use it… Thanks..

    Thanks for your video.. I'll try jerk it.

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