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Canal Fishing for Largemouth Bass (Edinburg Canal)

Join the Ambassadors of the Hunt crew, as they embark on a rural canal fishing trip. What makes this trip extra special? A cool front rolled in the night before, making the bass go wild. This fishing trip takes the crew within yards of the Texas/Mexico border. A special shout out to the men and women of the South Texas Border Patrol. Thanks for keeping us safe.

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  1. First time see the video, its ok its fine but the only thing i see its bad are both anglers real close together, i think they should be apart little bit more so they have more oportunity to fish more

  2. Cool video guys, glad i could find somethin on canal fishing and even better down on the border, saludos de Eagle Pass, Tx p.s another cold front is coming this weekend segun lol take care

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