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The ABC’s of Chatterbait fishing for big bass

I explain the sizes, colors and retrieves for great Chatterbait success. The right rod, reel and line are covered as well as the time of year !


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  1. I remember watchin' this dude go out on a tournament ready to kick ass and chew bubblegum only to leave the bubblegum back at the boat ramp. He's been on his game from the first cast he ever made. He had such an impact on making fishing what it is today and still leads the way carrying the sport in so many different directions. Mr. Martin, I can't think of a better fishing trip to go on than one sharing a boat deck with you. Entertaining, educational and just downright fun. Roland Martin could make being snagged in a tree with a backlash a good time on the water. Thanks Mr. Martin for bringing fishing to the level you have…by the way, I got nothing going on most weekends, let's go fishing,always wanted to say that to you…

  2. Hello Roland Martin, you don’t know me by name is Randall and I have a real close uncle David Pitts. He worked for you at one time. Might want to check on him once in a while.

  3. Those kickin zakos are the best swimjig trailer I’ve ever used, period. I’ve had afternoons where nearly every cast on highly pressured water got me hit on a 3/8 swimjig (that I tied to match my local sunfish) with a kickin zako. I’ve followed guys down the bank, pulling fish out of places they missed. While the jig pattern MIGHT be a factor, I’m positive the zako is. It’s a dead perfect kick/pulse on a medium retrieve. It’s also a bit of a different look. Nearly everyone uses keitechs or rage swimmers so the zako’s pitch perfect kick looks good AND looks different. I can’t recommend those highly enough if you’re a “prolific” swimjig fisherman.

  4. Hey Roland. It’s so awesome that you evolved with times & have these awesome, informative & cool old school chill vibes of when I used to watch you on T.V as a kid. I tell my Boys as we watch your Videos…Now Boys That There Is a LEGEND.. you’ve been a Bass Master for Decade’s. Really Respect & Appreciate your passion all these years

  5. I've never caught a Bass on a chatterbait. I keep hearing about how these baits are just so great. Don't know what I'm doing wrong, but they just don't seem to work for me.

  6. I have been watching you since the late 80's when I was a wee lil boy. It is because of guys like you and Bill Dance that got me really interested in fishing. You have been a true inspiration to me growing up and now your boy is a big inspiration to my youngest boy. I wish you and your family the best.

  7. I lost 3 chatterbaits last week lifting it up and letting it drop. All that did was make sure the hook was no longer facing up and, that increased my chances of getting hung. And get hung I did. The structure I used to bang into and keep going now grabbed my hook. I'll stick with a steady retrieve.

  8. I know this is old, but colors. Why would you use a white bait as opposed to a pumpkin green or a black and blue? Any benefit to not matching the swimbait to the jig? I have great luck with strike king Mini bites here in FL, but I am trying to make these bladed jig work. 100% unsuccessful in the last year lol. I use black and blues typically since they are consistently good in 3-5' vis water

  9. I’ve been converted to a believer of the jackhammer, that slow roll retrieve and ripping it out of the grass has helped me tremendously. The key to fishing this for me is not to overfish it. Been rewarded with some solid 5 lbers and good bags!

  10. Roland, do you use the same principles for salt water application? What would be your target fish in the salt, say, back country Everglades national park areas. Trout snook? Would you change anything out? Thanks.

  11. Really great video. Fished one last year with a buddy and I really didn’t know what I was doing or I should say what the lure was supposed to do. Can’t wait to try it again! Roland, your videos are the best, without prejudice, they are the best fishing tip videos on you tube. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  12. Good day Sir!
    I tell you what Mr. Martin, I'm only one in about a gazillion admirers of yours but I am a huge fan. Even before I was building Tracker boats I was watching you on TV on Saturday afternoons.
    YouTube has given you your niche in my humble opinion. It's given us fans the opportunity to get to know you a lot better and for that I am grateful. I'll cherish your advice, tips and infinite wisdom from A to Z. Thnx

  13. Whenever I'm looking for information on anything for fishing I always will click Roland Martin's videos first. Since childhood he's been my favorite. Thanks Roland!

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