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The world over fisherman spend hours or even days trolling for the perfect catch and over the generations, many amateur fisherman have conflated tales of their one big catch to impress friends and acquaintances. But now adays with the internet and cameras everywhere it is easier and easier to record proof of monster hauls, and today we are looking at 10 of the biggest catches of all time.

10. Largest lobster
Lobster fishing is done by dropping baited traps into the water and then waiting for lobsters to come for it. This system of capture often means that lobster are hard to catch in large numbers, but it is still a wildly profitable industry. Despite the potential for profit, lobster fishing is often seen as one of the most dangerous occupations in the world, fisherman have become entangled in the lines used to haul up traps, this can prove fatal in many cases. Despite the risks, hundreds of people take to the seas every year hoping to make the big catch…and in 1977 a crew off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada, caught what Guinness called the world’s Heaviest Marine Crustacean – a 44 pound 6 ounce North Atlantic lobster.
While it is the largest officially recognized lobster, a massive Maine lobster caught in 1926 was said to weigh a shocking 51.5 pounds, unfortunately, this fish was never officially confirmed before it became dinner.

9. Largest catfish
Catfish are some notoriously large creatures and the aptly named Mekong Giant Catfish is no exception, these giant fish live along the Mekong River between lower Mekong in Vietnam and the Yunnan province in China. Unfortunately they have been severely over-fished and are currently a critically endangered species. On January 18 2019, an unbelievable specimen was caught by local fishermen, the monstrous Mekong was over 9 feet long and weighed an unbelievable 650 pounds, experts who verified the catch have said that it may not only be the largest catfish ever caught, but it may In fact be the largest freshwater fish ever caught.

8. Largest salmon
Salmon is a notoriously common fish, and chances are if you’ve ever eaten at a seafood restaurant then you have seen salmon on the menu. It is a staple of seafood cuisine and can be found on sandwiches, in cans, and as a regular feature with sushi.
In the wild salmon ranges from 3 pounds to over a hundred pounds depending on the species, and without fail the largest variety of salmon is the King Salmon, sometimes called the Chinook Salmon. In 1949 a group of fisherman in Petersburg Alaska sprung a net trap and waited for it to fill with various species of fish, but when they pulled up the net they had caught a little more than they had bargained for, among the fish was a 126 pound King salmon, the fish was varified and tho this day is one of the largest salmon ever caught.

7. Largest Squid
It’s no surprise that one of the largest recorded squids was from the species known as the colossal squid. The colossal squid is even larger than the giant squid with members of this species reaching over 30 feet in length and weighing up to 1,500 pounds. In February of 2008 fishermen in New Zealand hauled up a massive net, they expected it to be filled with millions of smaller fish that would be sold commercially. When they got a look at the contents though, they realized that the net contained several fish and one inconceivably massive, 33-foot long colossal squid, they realized that the specimen was truly something special and they turned it over to the Auckland University of Technology, where marine biologist Steve O’Shea confirmed that it was the largest squid on record.


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  1. I take issue with that cat fish being the biggest freshwater fish ever caught. Not even in the conversation. I've caught plenty of 10 11 and 12 ft sturgeon in the Columbia below ncnary damn . And it was rod and reel not a net . So big fish yes the biggest not close and I've seen grizz and others catch monsters thatwould eat mine. If you fish the Columbia at Hermiston you know grizz he is a legend

  2. My cousin’s pond is a breeding ground for goldfish. Somehow, some goldfish were dumped in the pond and now they are taking over and they eat other smaller fish as well.
    I went fishing in that pond a few years ago, and ended up catching an 11 inch goldfish.

  3. Correction big catfish is also native to Louisiana along time ago a train went off the tracks in Morgan city Louisiana they found the wreck but the catfish were so big that it can swallow a human so they had to stop the search

  4. How! The! F**k! Does someone reel in a 1800lb fish?!!! Was the line 2k test? Like wtf. You can't fight that! It would have yoink'd your arms off of your body. Someone please explain

  5. I thought you said nova Scotia odd, then I heard you attempt to say bureau, butchered my friend but hey they just words they don't control us we made them. Say whatever you feel like I guess lol

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