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Swim Jig Basics for Bass Fishing

The swim jig is a very popular way to catch bass and cover water. Check out John Crews explaining the basics of swim jig fishing.

Mini Swim Jig:
Mini D Chunk:
Swim Jig Rod:

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  1. My dad to his 36 year old son , " These docks in this marina have some expensive boats, cast on the outside so you don't hit any, please dont hit any!!"
    Me: Dad I'm good, skip my my Texas rig 95% back!

    Pops: Casts his 1/2 Oz Jig, BOOM πŸ’₯ side of a pontoon, guy comes out looking πŸ‘€

    Me: "Dad, be careful Casting by these boats in here, please don't hit another" πŸ€£πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈπŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

  2. Thanks for the lesson. Ive fished my entire life and never fished a bass jig to speak of. I just recently realized that there are different types of jigs. I caught 5 decent sized bass in about an hour using a swim jig this morning. It's great to have an entirely new method to use. I love the fact that you can keep the thing off the bottom so you dont get hung up every other cast.

  3. Thanks John πŸ‘Š I was one of your Marshals at Dardenelle a couple years ago. I really enjoyed the day with you. I have never seen a guy your size lift a bassboat like you did that day 😳 I am just getting into swimjigs and your teaching here was very helpful 😎

  4. I’ve thrown heavy cover swimjigs on a MH with braid and I’ve had so many hit it close to the boat and I jack them and bend the hook or miss the fish. Good tips

  5. Steve Kennedy uses 65 lbs braid to 30 lbs fluorocarbon leader and he's using a D&L advantage 3/4 ounce white flipping jig to swim around shallow bushes not a standard swim jig. He is swimming a flipping .jig with super chunk trailer not a light weed guard swim jig

  6. Your swim jig rod reference to Cashion website doesn't transfer over to any kind of rod recommend page. Can you update the rod mentioned? I'm interested in it.

  7. I threw it on a MH with 20# flour and caught nearly every fish for years but then it got popular experts said Hvy with braid. Outside of Okeechobee I haven't found a situation where it's better. Lost way more fish especially if wood is present and went back.

  8. That bite you're talking about I've been dealing with that bite for months. The drag on the reel is not strong enough nor a pole heavy enough to move them.. I've come to call it, stump bite. And when they do get hooked they still open their mouth and let you pluck the lure out. And these bass are all biggens. This is them out in the open shallow . Sometimes in a single cast they'll grab and hold it up to 3 times. And this hold can last up to 15 seconds. I can't move them nor penetrate their mouth. And they grab and I pull to set hook but at the same time. When I do happen to see that they've grabbed my lure. And when I set the hook. My line will pop. 65lb. Braid 80 lb mono. They'll do it to all lures. I even have a video on YouTube showing the bite. " Stump bite".

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