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Axehead Lake Cook County Illinois Bass Fishing || Breaking down Bedding Bass with GeoFishing

All public water always! How else will we continue to learn!! And motivate. Come along as I walk the shores of Axehead lake park ridge Illinois in hopes for some largemouth bass!! An officer stopped our fishing 👀👀

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  1. Hey what’s up man this is me first time looking at your video I was looking for guys here in Illinois that fish and have a channel I just started bass fishing last year and want to learn more. I’ve been there at axehead with my dad like three or four times and never cought anything haha but hey maybe we can meet up and go fish somewhere?!

  2. I love your content! In a round about way I found your channel from Google maps.
    I was looking for fishing spots and ran across your Bass pics at River Park. Love that spot!

    So I've been fishing since I was a kid but never fished for Bass until recently, always just fished for cat or just whatever. It's been a blast so far! Do you know if there are any clubs or events in City?

  3. Ethical as possible? Don’t catch Bass when they are on the spawn beds.
    That’s ethical. That’s why Wisconsin has better bass fishing than Illinois.

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