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May is such a fun month to fish! John Crews, breaks down his top 4 baits for May bass fishing. What are your favorite baits for bass fishing in May? Comment them down below!


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  1. I love going and watching May videos because theyโ€™re just as relevant as the day they were made. Huge fan of the D-Bomb gp3 (buyโ€™em in 25 count bags) Texas and Tokyo rig pitching grass.
    Also love to throw a glidebait

  2. During may we have our spawn but lasts a week usually because of the very bipolar weather we have with the great lake winds and flat midwest winds. Always have the best time around may with a wacky worm, spinnerbait, and smaller walking bait.

  3. I went this morning and caught most of my fish on a Wacky worm and then a robo worm on a drop shot rig. Fish were a little skid ish this morning. Didn't seem to be as aggressive as they started. I did throw a Ned Bomb in hillbilly magic on a Zman bulletz jighead. I broke off on 2 nice ones due to using Seaguar fluorocarbon. Going to get some Sunline!!! This is getting old and I spent too much for the crap!!! I've lost more fish on Seaguar line than anything else I've used. Time to stop wasting my good money on line that isn't worth what I paid for it. I threw a Choppo before the sun came out. Had some awesome blow ups but not one fish hooked. Normally I would lean towards a frog myself. But I don't see any frogs moving in the grass yet. You can hear them but that's it. Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ‘Š.

  4. MAY in Idaho! Water n the hi 40's lake flooding shore grass. Got my D-Bomb and Baby D's and tungsten just came in from TW.! Everything held back by Cold weather! I'm going "Punch -Skip-Pitch" D-Bombz. Shallow! My first spring using Missle Baits thank K.W. for the referral! Good Fishin' jd

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