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Buzzbait Bass Fishing and Floating the River

Floated down a section of the Conasauga river in North Georgia. Started off with some topwater explosions, Also caught a bass with a lamprey on it.
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  1. Love the video, but a bit of advice, that last 10 or fifteen feet from the boat fish with purpose instead of reeling fast over it, I promise you will pick up a few more fish that way.

  2. I really enjoy your channel. I live in Hamilton county out by Harrison Bay and just started getting into fishing for bass. Rock on bro!

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  4. My personal best spot came out of the huge pipe like things from the original bridge right behind the superette. Amazing float through there. I wish Dalton Utilities would take better care of that put and do more considering they own so much land on both side of the river in Whitfield and Murray counties. Keep them lines tight. Might run into you one day hopefully!! I live 2 bridges down from your take out spot here. Keep the videos coming. One of your under 1k subscribers!! 😎🎣

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