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THREE BASS FISHING BAITS to use in MAY – Beginner Fishing Tips

What THREE bass fishing bait should you use to catch more fish in the month of May? These three large mouth bass fishing lures will help beginner anglers and better anglers catch more fish during the month of May. Learning the patterns of large mouth bass and how they act and what they are looking for will allow you to find em, catch em, and have more fun fishing.
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Please watch: “THREE BASS FISHING BAITS to use in June – Beginner Fishing Tips”


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  1. Hi ! Just came across your channel today.I believe I'm gonna enjoy this channel. I love tutorial videos. Knowledge is powerful. Thanks for the video.

  2. I buy way to many colors and baits myself but I have learned over time to just buy a few of the main colors and concentrate on finding active fish

  3. POP R, CrankBait, Whopper Plopper and that is pretty much it. I don't toss out much of anything else. I figure if the Bass are biting, keep using same lures.

  4. New Subscriber.. Checking in from Morgantown WV. Absolutely Tore them up last week on a White BoYah single Colorado blade Pond Magic, tiny twist trailer w a stinger. I caught 30+ Largemouth on that 1 Rig!! Nothing huge mostly 12/14in. Caught one that was 17in, maybe 2lbs. But the sheer volume was 💥💥!! We are on the Smallies as well !!

  5. Good stuff I subbed because well I got it bad believe I really need to attend some type of Bass AA meetings or perhaps a bit of counseling. Live on Ky. Lake and fish around 175 days a year and when I'm not on the water I'm making Crankbaits or reading watching anything Bass. Can't oversleep with that Shad spawn or you'll just miss it when that sun starts getting up it's gone. But it's some of the best fishing at times for sure. A lot of Guy's here fish the Shell spawn muscle shells the type that some dive for and sell to a buyer. Used to be shipped to China to make buttons now used mostly for cultured pearls. What happens with the spawn is the female will simply open up and males puts his baby honey juice where it needs to be and in turn creates cloudy like water which I assume smells rather fishy or something because it attracts tons of baitfish which attracts well you know the rest lol. Have 3 brothers and Dad told us all that if we ever wanted a Truck and Boat to not get married . I'm the only one with a Truck and Boat!! Thx for taking your time to make your informative videos!! Why we love this Sport like we do is because we will never ever stop learning. Not KVD or any B.A.S.S, guys or any professional fishermen will never stop learning. Learn at least one thing if not more each and every time out. Water temp here 70 to 72 lake right at summer pool at 358.5 summer pool being 359. feet above sea level. Got it all going on now you can fish beds or post and even some pre spawn fish but becoming less and less of the ladder. Ledge fishing 101 next month. See how long this shit was I can't help it my name is David and I'm an Addict. Think that's the first step to recovering but you gotta want to quit they say so I will die a full blown Bassaholic. Good safe successful fishing to ya sir!!

  6. Always happy to eat my cereal and watch your fishing videos in the morning! Before my fishing adventures got out yesterday! And caught some decent wild trout in the middle of the city! And got my driving learner’s permit!
    No fishing Mother’s Day weekend right now though😢

  7. And a tip to add for the whopper plopper is if you can find the older ploppers (in the gold package) they are way better than the ones in the red package they get less weeds on the plopping part. The big 6in Bucca bull gill or 6in Bucca bull shad are my faves I do love the little ones too!

  8. Excellent choices ! Caught my first Bull Gill fish this morning ( not the bass I was looking for . Big ol’ slimedart crushed it ) in June I’ll be throwing a topwater walking bait , a hollow body frog, and a swim jig ( and always a Chatterbait and wacky rig)

  9. Great choices Steve!!! The Bucca is an amazing bait for sure. I have the shad and gill in every color option. LOL. 🤣 I have tackle hoarding tendencies 🤣

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