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Summer Crankbaits For Big Bass on Lake Guntersville

We’re on Lake Guntersville in Alabama today in search of big largemouth! We’ve got one day to figure it out so we have to …


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  1. Used the chatter bait combo (red craw with chartreuse curly tail grub) I saw in the tactical bassin thumb nail, and put some nice 3lb, 4lb fish in the boat during our club tournament at Chickamaugua passed weekend. Just not enough. This is my #1 place for tournament prep.

    Unlike these other fishermen, that hire a guide, post photos on social media of fish that would make a dream sack for about 7 boats, and think you want get disqualified the day of,,,wrong!

    Thanks, Matt and Tim

  2. Welcome from Bama wish I could of meet yall. Love the channel and if you want a challenge come to a lake that doesn't have a lake map like my home body of water

  3. i have a hummingbird dx300. the head unit got water in it and its shot. if i buy another dx300 head unit from someone will it match up with my transducer already on my boat??

  4. Man I know it's not but you make it look soooooo easy! Eh not a MEGA but JUST a 7 pounder lol took me 37 years to break 5 and thanks to your channel I regularly catch 5s and my 9 year old daughter caught her first 5 last year THANK YOU!

  5. Glad to see y’all making the cross country trek! Welcome to our Southern fisheries Matt! I watched Sierra on your Chickamauga vid, and oh how precious! I’m happy to see you’ve healed well and are enjoying our wonderful sport again. I hope your Dad is doing well also. Thanks for all the tips and great videos. Y’all be safe!

  6. I appreciate your videos and you sharing your knowledge. Your in my opinion 1 of best bass fishing videos that actually give real info and facts and not just clickbait. you have a new subscriber now.

  7. look I've been falling for a few months now absolutely think y'all are the best there is as far as these videos go and I really appreciate y'all making the trip down here to Alabama and showing what you know on our state water if you can man I try to hook up with y'all somewhere in the mobile-tensaw Delta if y'all ever made it down here to mobile or the Spanish Fort area I can show you some hidden gems

  8. Head an hour south to the Anniston/Oxford area. We can fish on a couple lakes that are no gas engine regulated. There are some nice bass, I just need you to show me how to catch them 😂

  9. Lol that rain, tell me about it. I think we have had enough down here in Texas, too. Way to figure them out on a lake you have never been on! That is one of the reasons we watch and learn from you guys! Watching how you break down the lake is good stuff.

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